Scratched by a Ghost

scratched-by-a-ghost-082014Over the years of publishing information about interactions with spirits and ghosts, we have heard about attacks from ghosts — things like being touched, pinched, pushed or scratched. And some of it has happened to us, personally, or to our friends who investigate cases of haunting.

While this subject can be frightening stuff, we feel it necessary to let people know it is not the norm. Ghost attacks do happen, but attacks from people WITH bodies also occur. If ghosts are people, and we believe they are, why would we expect behavior of human spirits to be any different than those of us who walk the Earth in bodies, seriously?

There’s an old saying: “Wherever you go, there you are.” 

We can’t run from our problems and, so it would seem, that dying does not instantly cure our mistaken thinking, latent fears, or patterned (poor) behavior. So, I guess the point I am attempting to make is that some ghosts certainly behave evilly; that makes sense to me. But most ghosts do not behave like devils.

Ghost Scratches: Say What?
Of the different ghost stories we hear about, the oddest might concern accounts of “ghost scratches” when you think about it (and we hear a lot of strange stuff). If you have not been scratched by a ghost or heard about it before, allow me to explain. The victim of a ghost scratching attack will describe first feeling a burning sensation on either their face, limbs or torso, seemingly coming from out of nowhere. Then, red marks will typically appear on the surface of the skin. (For an example of this, read about the Hanover, PA Haunting where scratching and pinching are said to be common occurrences.)

Ghost Scratches: Questions
Because paranormal scratching  is odd, I cannot help but have a hundred questions about such attacks. What would cause someone to want to scratch another (OK, let’s say to deter); and if this phenomenon is truly a ghost scratching another person, then why this method of attack? Is it easier for ghosts to pull off scratching people (because of no body) than, say, punching someone in the face? Why or how do the scratches burn? How do some ghosts learn to do this — is there a learning curve? I’ll stop there.

In my book, Helping Ghosts, we investigated several cases that involved nasty ghost behavior, and I was fortunate not to encounter an attack though we did face down some menacing spirits in our attempt to end the haunts and help the lost spirits (and homeowners). And some of our fellow investigators did experience attacks.

All of this has simply led me to believe that there is so much we do not yet understand about ghosts, why these spirits behave certain ways, and our interpretation of that behavior. The best we can do as investigators of the unknown is to keep an open mind, try not to make assumptions, and remain wise but fearless.  – Louis

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  1. Can someone please contact me. Today I was ‘scratched’ by something and it came out of no where. I feel like I’m going crazy trying to figure out how it could have happened, but there are none. It was at my job, and just 2 days ago, 4 abandoned buildings next to ours were torn down. Something inside is telling me a spirit found its way in and is trying to get my attention. If someone can hear my experience and help me figure this out, I’d appreciate it.

  2. This year 2016 in the month of January I experienced scratches from the ghost in different areas of my bodies. Due to my mensuration period I am not good and I not pray as usual I do. So I thought I was not praying that’s why it happened.
    Now last Saturday 9th March again the same scratches started. But I pray to lord Jesus Christ all times when I be free. Last night after my prayer I went to sleep at 11 pm and got up at 4.30 am and as I began to thank God, I felt burning sensation in my hand and one side of my body. When I looked through I found my hand and parts of bodies are scarched worsely. But I am not afraid of ghost.
    But my question is
    1. I am Christian
    2. I am calling to my living God Jesus Christ
    3. If I am calling to my living god., then why this ghost trouble me?
    I want to get this answer.
    If you can help please do what to do?

  3. You may be a Christian but the ghost may not be and does not have to respect your religious beliefs. Ghosts are people without bodies – same frame of mind. Surely you would attest that not all people on earth have the same religious ideals, right? We recommend researching ghost problems on our website, especially visiting the Help with Ghosts section.

  4. It does sound like someone could possibly be trying to gain your attention. We would suggest finding a gifted psychic medium in your area to help determine what might be going on.

  5. I have two scratches on my thigh, is it by ghost or unknowingly i did myself at night. I tried to do it by scratching hardly beside that matk but doesn’t appeared any marks. What does it mean?

  6. I woke up with his morning to multiple scratches on my side and have no idea where they came from. I slept hard last night and when I went to take a shower I saw the marks. Can you be scratched without even knowing it?

  7. I have experienced a real ghost attack when i was honeymooning with my wife in Goa. While returning home from a friend’s house after dinner post 11pm from Bambolim towards Donapaula, my wife felt like a hand was pulling her.

    It suddenly started to rain fiercely and to shelter i decided to stop my activa skooter near a bus stop. The moment i stopped the vehicle near the bus stop before the hospital a dog opposite the road who was silently walking suddenly turned at us and started to bark violently, the street lights went off and my wife shouted “let’s get away from here,” she had some paranormal attack.

    We with great difficulty reached our hotel O Pescador , My wife said she had been viciously pulled by an entity and was feeling a burning sensation on her back. When she lifted her dress i was shocked to see clear scratch mark resembling a hand like a skeleton had tried to grab her. It was swollen, i clicked the pics in my cell phone but strangely my cell phone hung and stopped working and i lost all my data.

    Can someone confirm what are hauntings on stretch between Bambolim Medical College road to Dona Paula? Some people said newly weds are more prone to attack. This is our real haunting story in Goa and i want to make newlyweds aware of this as newlywed brides specially are targeted by ghosts, so don’t venture out late night just married new brides.

  8. So I have ended up on your site due to me Googling “out of no where scratches”. It’s February 4th, 2016 – about 45 minutes ago I was putting on my evening attire and then sat down on my bed to find a movie to watch.. After I found one, I stood up and my left inner thigh was burning, like a lot, so I looked and I currently have two very long, welted scratches that goes an inch from my knee cap and all of the way to my pelvic bone. FREAKY SINCE I WAS ONLY JUST SITTING THERE FOR 10-15 MINUTES without moving or anything touching me. As I am sitting here typing this out, I can make out a hand with obvious nail marks causing the scratch. I am a believer with “paranormal activities” but I don’t know what to think about actually (possibly) being encountered with one, you know? I am 23 years old AND a chicken, just giving you a heads up, so if this is something spiritual- try not to freak me the hell out even more than I already am. If you ever do get around to reading or even showing some interest in this, thank you in advance. Maybe I am just forgetful and don’t remember scratching myself, but I had NOTHING there from the time I put shorts on, to the time I got up after casually searching for a movie. I did go through an unexplained calm feeling shortly after I discovered it – or maybe I was just in deep thought with “How in the hell did this happen”? UGH.

  9. When I was pregnant with my first child was when I first found the scratches. They appeared on my stomach, legs, and chest. Since then they have appeared 3 separate occasions. It is extremely creepy when I find them and odd. Why are they doing it? I should see a local medium. The second time was after I had my second baby. And then just last night and two separate nights this week. The last time was this summer.. upper stomach and chest. Chest first this week.. then thumb, and today I found a scratch below my eye. They are laser skinny- 1 cm or 2 cm long and into the second-layer of skin where it actually stings. I am confused and saddened. How are they even able to physically do this… like the properties behind it? Very concerning.

  10. 2011 I was in a Hotel room in Nc that mourning i woke up and was watching sports center then all of a sudden i felt a scratch on my bak from like a cat or sumn that was tha feeling i took my shirt off cause of tha burning sensation i felt from the scratch i went to tha bathroom and look in tha mirror and i had 3 scratch marks going up the top part of my back i checked my shirt and sheets and there was nothing there that could of did this so im stuck with no clue on how it happen could it have been a ghost?!!??!

  11. Sorry for late reply, I have only just noticed this site whilst looking for something else.
    For twenty years I have carried out, internationally, remote spirit release with a colleague, this involves working from my home, remote scanning of a client or property, communicating and dealing with whatever is found. We work with a ‘team’ of high frequency Beings, so are able to work with any type of energy found which can include earth-bound souls (ghosts) , other and inter-planetary life-forms, negative attachments of all types, other life influences, inter-dimensional beings and lots more.
    Beings that scratch are not ‘ordinary’ earth-bound souls (ghosts) but are one or other of many types of life-form that are annoying, pests, or worse.
    The manifested world is teeming with differing life-forms, some intelligent, some not, some pleasant, some not, some distressed, some in a panic, some bent on causing trouble and lots more.

    Peace and Progress to All

  12. At the house we are renting sometimes my baby (13 Mos. old) gets scared of something [nothing that I can see] and doesnt want to leave the room or come down the hallway. My bedroom seemed to smell bad for no reason, I keep no food in here and there are no dirty diapers, so I figures maybe the previous tenant made the carpet stink and I shampood them 2 days ago. It smelled nice for 1 day, and this afternoon as I was crossing the threshold into the room I smelled this nasty putrid smell. A short while later I was laying the baby down for a nap and he started crying, hard, and looked at me with this sad look in his eyes, I figured he was just overly tired and got him to to sleep but when he woke up he has 2 scratches on his face! It almost looks like it should be 1 long scratch except it kinda skips over one little millimeter of skin.
    Then at bedtime I smelled a bad smell again and suddenly the baby is freaking out, frantically whining and trying to climb to me for safety.
    I began to sing a worship song, and he became even more upset and literally climbed up onto my head.

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