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Happy New Year! Ghosts & More Ghosts…

Ghostly mist…

January 2012

Is 2012 really here? With all the Mayan prophecy stuff, we feel this year is shaping up to be fantastic and without any doom or gloom!

To kick things off, we want to share our list of this year’s ghost conferences as well as a compilation of interesting 2012 psychic predictions. We also have some intriguing ghost articles, compelling EVPs of child voices, and phenomenal ghost photographs to share!

2012 Ghost Conferences

Meet & Talk Ghosts!

Each year, there are dozens of ghost conferences to attend across the globe. We have compiled some of the better ones for your quick disposal, here: Ghost Conferences!

2012 Psychic Predictions!

2012 Psychic Predictions…

Whoa! What does 2012 hold in store for the world? We found and listed some pretty interesting psychic predictions for the new year. What will happen around the globe? Who will be President? Any shocking news coming from Hollywood? What about the economy? Some of the prognostications may amaze you. Visit: Psychic Predictions for 2012!

Native Americans: Ghosts & Spirits

American Indians & Ghosts…

Do Native American beliefs allow for ghosts and spirits?

You may be surprised as you read some quotes we sourced from famous, wise American Indian leaders: chiefs, medicine men and poets. We found ideas about the spirit realm, spirit visitation and more.

Learn about these spiritual people at Native Americans: Ghosts & Spirits

Villisca Ax Murder House Ghosts…

Two of the 6 children…

Ever wonder if children can be ghosts? The Villisca Ax Murder House is possibly still haunted by the ghosts of victims from almost 100 years ago. Six children lost their lives, then, and we may have the recordings of their voices. Who will help them?

Read about and listen to the

Villisca Ax Murder House: Child Voices

New Ghost Pictures Added!

Birdcage Theatre Ghost?

Ghost Pictures? You decide…

Take a look at these newly added ghost & spirit pictures:

Tombstone Birdcage Theatre Ghost

Facial Apparition Ghost Picture

Haunting Mists Ghost Pictures

New Mexico Office Ghost

Red Man Ghost Picture

More Angels, Ghosts & Spirits to Enjoy!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

Feel free to search through thousands of pages of information about ghosts and spirits! Below are links to some major sections of the Angels & Ghosts website:

Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures

Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!

More Shortcuts to Spirits:

Ghost Pictures Collection

Angel Pictures Collection

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Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

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Angels & Ghosts News! October 2011

October 2011 – Ghosts, Book Updates & More!

Happy October!

Before I share about new stuff on, I would like to provide an exciting update for both of my books. Currently, Jesus Religion is undergoing a complete rewrite and will become available in a revised edition by the end of this year. My second book, Helping Ghosts is having what I’ll call a “field guide” written for those who work to solve cases of haunting. After receiving a request for this information to be condensed into a format for practical use by clergy and paranormal investigators, I agreed to begin putting a guide book together. Stay tuned – I’m hoping this will publish by the end of 2011, too!


Fun Halloween Page!

Learn how to make this creepy talking head ghost prop!

Enjoy our Halloween page with links to various Halloween ghost pictures, props, and other goodies for fun!

Featured this year is our talking head ghost prop. We’ll show you what you need to pull off this spooky effect for Halloween. Similar effects are found within Disney theme parks’ Haunted Mansions!

Visit our Halloween page.


Spirit Help From Beyond

Are people with us in spirit more than we know?

We explore evidence that others are with us in the invisible – helping and communicating. Do we perceive them? Can we be aware of their presence?

Read: Spirit Help From Beyond


Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Story

Is there a connection between ghosts and cases of spontaneous combustion? We’re not sure but we take a look at one such case that is baffling. A fire of intense heat took place beside this man’s bed one night, coating the room in soot and ash – some of it oily. Orbs were seen prior; could there be a connection?

Read: Spontaneous Combustion & Ghosts


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!


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Have a great month!

Louis Charles, Publisher

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Way of Consciousness Radio Interview About Ghosts

Louis Charles, author of the book Helping Ghosts, will join trans-denominational visionary Lee Petersen on Way of Consciousness radio to discuss the topic of disembodied people who need our help: ghosts. Many do not realize that people in spirit are all around us and some are not in the best frame of mind and can use direction. Can we help them to move forward and leave their earthly cares behind? Listen in and see what Louis and Lee have to say about that! Tune-in to listen to the broadcast on Tuesday, October 4th at 9:00 PM at Way of Consciousness Radio

Communicating with Ghosts – How to Do So

Tonight at 8:00 PM EST, I’ll be a guest of Father Michael Sherbert on Live Paranormal radio. You can tune-in and participate in the chatroom at (Look for Father Mike’s show on the left scroll bar and select it to listen in:

We will be discussing how we can communicate with spirits who have passed on but remain here – earthbound. To learn more about ghosts and how you can communicate with them, please visit

Angels & Ghosts News! May 2011

May 2011 Angels & Ghosts News & Updates!

Author, Louis Charles

from Louis Charles

Glad to warm up in the north hemisphere!
It’s great to finally get some warm weather in my neck of the woods. For some, this means vacations are coming. What could be more fun than to take a ghost tour or stay in a haunted hotel?

Just in time for vacation season, we have created three maps that are interactive. One map displays ghost tours; another the locations of haunted hotels; the third, paranormal investigators. So, check out our maps and locate a ghost tour, book a haunted hotel, or maybe join a local ghost investigation team!

1) Ghost Tours Map
2) Haunted Hotels Map
3) Paranormal Investigators Map

(All three maps may also be accessed on the same page entitled, Ghost Map.)


Haunted Mansions

Haunted Mansions in the United States
Haunted houses captivate the imagination of many. If you don’t believe it, just take a trip to Disney World and experience the Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror theme rides.

This month, we couldn’t resist taking a look at some notoriously haunted mansions (and a couple that could have some ghosts from the past). Check out some Top Haunted Mansions.


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

The following are new pages of photos for May ’11:
Photographs of Ghosts (New Ghost Pictures!)

Angels’ Picture (New Angel Pictures!)

The following are new stories for May ’11:
Native American Haunting Ghost Story

Life Love Angel Story

Page of new ghost videos for May ’11:
Ghost Videos Caught on Tape

For more spirited pages to explore, visit:
Ghost Stories
Angel Stories
Ghost Videos
Ghost Pictures
Angel Pictures
Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!


Learn to Help Ghosts & Solve Cases of Haunting!

Learn about the other side…

Pick up a copy of Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits and understand why ghosts do the things they do.

Ghosts have mystified the human experience for thousands of years. This does not mean, however, that we cannot come to an understanding about the behavior of human spirits.

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Read a review from someone who is not a ghost investigator

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Listen to The Paranormal View & Helping Ghosts February 26th ’11

Tonight, Saturday February 26th at 8 PM EST, I join paranormal radio hosts Henry Foister, Craig Rupp, Patty Lyman, and Geoffrey Gould to talk about my book, “Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits.”

You can listen to the live broadcast at Para-X Radio.

Radio Nowhere Show Interview

Today I had the chance to be interviewed by Shane and Dan of the Radio Nowhere Show. I had a great time talking to the guys about ghosts, why they haunt, how we can help them, and the influence of religion on our culture.

The radio interview developed because of topics found in both of my books: Helping Ghosts and Jesus Religion. To listen to our discussion via podcast, visit the Radio Nowhere Show at

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Darkness Radio – Helping Ghosts Interview, January 5th 2011

Louis Charles, author of Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits, will be joining hosts Dave Schrader and Mallie Fox of the popular paranormal radio program The Darkness on the Edge of Town to discuss ghosts and how we can help them. Tune-in tonight, January 5th at 11:00 PM CST (12:00 AM EST) to listen to this exciting broadcast.

For years, Louis struggled with religious fears, fear of dying, hell, etc. After what he calls an “awakening,” Louis began hearing a voice deep within him about spirits and the other side of the grave. You can expect that Louis will answer Dave’s thought-provoking questions about this awakening experience and why ghosts remain behind with the living instead of moving forward into the light. Louis feels there needs to be a movement in the paranormal community to solve cases of haunting by helping ghosts. Tonight, learn a bit about how we can do this!

Listen to the radio interview by way of the Internet at:

*For more about the book, Helping Ghosts, visit:

**You may purchase the book directly at: Amazon – Helping Ghosts Book.