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November 2015

Inspiration. Education. There is more beyond what our eyes may see.

Enjoy some unique stories of unexpected experiences with spirits… – Louis

military-man-crossing-street-angel-story-9-2015zzMysterious Military Man: Angel?
When we see others, do we label them, assuming we know who they are, what they feel, what they may be thinking?

Do our misconceptions prohibit us from truly seeing a much larger world? How vast is your perception?

Military Man Angel Story

ghost-airplane-story-9-2015zzPhantom Plane in the Skies…
How do you explain this one? We are left with more questions than answers!

A disappearing plane is seen over the skies of Bolivia. Lisa shares her encounter and wonders if it may be other worldly.

Ghost Airplaine Story

shadow-person-with-boy-by-car-112015Boy and Shadow Figure…
Ernesto wrote us about some odd things happening with his young nephew.

The photo he shared of a shadow in front of the boy’s school and subsequent answers to our questions are compelling.

Is this photo proof of a true encounter with spirit? Could the ghost be a family member?

Shadow Person by Car with Boy

Angels & Ghosts News: Animals in the Afterlife?


Do Animals Live on in the Afterlife?

Louis Charles

September 2012

Heading into our Fall season, as we reported last month, we are still hard at work, updating for the remainder of 2012. This means a new ghost hunting store will go live this Fall, and the main navigational pages on the website will be revamped and mobile friendly.

This month, enjoy a new report of an experience with the spirit of a pet dog while the person was having an out-of-body experience. Also enjoy some interesting animal ghost pictures!

Animals in the Afterlife

Is your pet with you?

Did you ever wonder what happens to a pet after it passes? Does the life of animals end at death, or do our furry friends live on in the ethereal real? Sylvia has an out-of-body experience and decided to see if her deceased dog would come if called.

Read what happened: Animals in the Afterlife

Explore more: Animal Ghosts

Animal Ghost Pictures

Ghost dog appears…

Kathy Owen unknowingly photographed the face of a dog during a ghost investigation. (Of course, no dog was present that they could see.)

Take a look at the Ghost Dog Photograph

Ghost birds?

Becky from Mexico sent us a photograph of her holding a bird in a cage. She noticed later that there were other birds in the photo – animal spirits, she believes – that did not have physical bodies. Were her feathered friends hanging out with the “living” birds? Could they have been former residents of the cage?

Check out the Bird Ghost Picture

Do you see a horse and rider in the mist?

Her late father snapped this ghost picture of a horse and rider in the stable mist. The form, at first, is difficult to see. But to us, it is unmistakably the image of ghostly equine and rider.

Can you see he apparition? Ghost Horse & Rider

Is this her dog?

Christine sent us her ghost photo of what may have been her dog, Xena, looking through the window behind her. Even though the ghost dog’s face is small, what we love about this picture is that there are experiences from multiple people to help confirm it.

Check out the story and Ghost Dog Photo

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Ghosts! 2012 Ghost News!

Happy New Year! Ghosts & More Ghosts…

Ghostly mist…

January 2012

Is 2012 really here? With all the Mayan prophecy stuff, we feel this year is shaping up to be fantastic and without any doom or gloom!

To kick things off, we want to share our list of this year’s ghost conferences as well as a compilation of interesting 2012 psychic predictions. We also have some intriguing ghost articles, compelling EVPs of child voices, and phenomenal ghost photographs to share!

2012 Ghost Conferences

Meet & Talk Ghosts!

Each year, there are dozens of ghost conferences to attend across the globe. We have compiled some of the better ones for your quick disposal, here: Ghost Conferences!

2012 Psychic Predictions!

2012 Psychic Predictions…

Whoa! What does 2012 hold in store for the world? We found and listed some pretty interesting psychic predictions for the new year. What will happen around the globe? Who will be President? Any shocking news coming from Hollywood? What about the economy? Some of the prognostications may amaze you. Visit: Psychic Predictions for 2012!

Native Americans: Ghosts & Spirits

American Indians & Ghosts…

Do Native American beliefs allow for ghosts and spirits?

You may be surprised as you read some quotes we sourced from famous, wise American Indian leaders: chiefs, medicine men and poets. We found ideas about the spirit realm, spirit visitation and more.

Learn about these spiritual people at Native Americans: Ghosts & Spirits

Villisca Ax Murder House Ghosts…

Two of the 6 children…

Ever wonder if children can be ghosts? The Villisca Ax Murder House is possibly still haunted by the ghosts of victims from almost 100 years ago. Six children lost their lives, then, and we may have the recordings of their voices. Who will help them?

Read about and listen to the

Villisca Ax Murder House: Child Voices

New Ghost Pictures Added!

Birdcage Theatre Ghost?

Ghost Pictures? You decide…

Take a look at these newly added ghost & spirit pictures:

Tombstone Birdcage Theatre Ghost

Facial Apparition Ghost Picture

Haunting Mists Ghost Pictures

New Mexico Office Ghost

Red Man Ghost Picture

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