Military Man Crossing Street

A mysterious gentleman, possibly a military man, is seen by only one person and vanishes after being helped.

Was he an angel and, if so, why did he appear?

by Amyrose

"I have no evidence to prove this. I guess the only thing I am looking for is maybe why this has happened to me.

On November 11, 2000 I was walking the road around 1:00 PM when I saw a frail-looking, elderly man dressed in military clothing. I did not think this was odd due to the fact that it was rememberance day: I thought that he must have been returning home from a ceremony.

No one would stop and let him cross the street, so I approached him. I asked if he wanted help, and he said, 'Yes.' I hooked my arm into his, and the first car stopped to let us cross.

When we got halfway across, I asked him if he would be OK from here. He replied with a yes and thanked me. 

When I turned to go back to the side of the street that we originally were on, and the lady in the car that had stopped for us started screaming at me, asking what I was doing. I hollered back to her that I was helping an old man cross the street. 

Then she said, "What old man?"

I turned to look, fully expecting to still see the man as he was slow walking; but there was no one there. I do not do drugs or drink! He was fully formed and looked as normal as you and me.

I still question why this happened to me. I did not recognize this man at all, although I hope that I truly did help him in some way."


We often wonder why encounters in our lives occur. What is their significance? Sometimes, it feels like we will never know.

This old military man story is very similar to other 'mysterious stranger' angel encounters we have received. Typically, these 'angels' often bring a word of encouragement or advice; but they do not have to. Maybe the fact that Amyrose helped him was an experience she needed. Or, maybe the man in spirit needed to feel loved.

No matter what the reason, what we read is truly a wonderful account of spirit visitation. And Amyrose was certainly left with confirmation that there is something greater happening in our world, something bigger and beyond our general perceptions.