Mysterious Visitor Angel Story

Katharine's story of a visiting angel...

We left our house at 6:30 am, which meant that we might make it to school on time. We were late as usual, I had just woken up and barely got dressed. We drove down my street and turned onto Sunrise Street, while I was brushing my hair. I went to put my hair in a pony tail but dropped my hair tie, so I insisted on stopping to get it. My mom was mad about having to stop because this might make us late, but she stopped about three streets down.

As soon as we pulled over, a pickup truck went by, going about 90 miles per hour.

Keep in mind that this was a 35 mph road with lots of curves. So we were mad because there wasn't a cop around to bust him, but we drove off anyways. About a quarter of a mile down the road, we went around the first of many curves and saw a sign in the road that said "School Bus Stop Ahead" - and it was all bent up.

We looked at the side of the road, the truck we saw earlier was flipped over, and there was a brand new Jeep on the road stopped. The driver of the Jeep had already broken the driver side window, pulled the guy out and had him on the road helping him. I jumped out of our car and the driver of the Jeep told me to call 911. So I called 911 and gave all of the information. At the end of the one and a half minute long conversation, the 911 dispatcher told me that help was leaving now. Oddly, I looked up and and saw an ambulance; but it was a private ambulance company. So I told her that an ambulance just arrived, and she was shocked, seeing as the closest fire house is about 10 miles away.

Well once I hung up with her, I looked at the paramedics: they got out of the ambulance in all white. Once they got out of the truck, the guy in the Jeep was gone. We didn't see him leave or anything. After the paramedics started helping the guy, my mom and I left. On the way to school, my mom and I were adding up the time. There was no way that in the 45 second time period of us stopping and the truck driver passing us and crashing, that another driver could pull this big man out. Another thing that had us wondering was where did this ambulance come from. No one else was around to have called 911, the truck was older so there wasn't any OnStar or anything.

We remained shaken up. All day we were wondering if this was supposed to be us that he hit. If we hadn't pulled over to get my hair tie, he would have hit us on that curve at 90 miles an hour. After talking about it, I honestly think that the driver of the Jeep was an angel. I don't know if he saved my mom and I, or the other guy, but he had to have been an angel to be able to help that fast.