Guy Angel Story

by J. Montero

Well, one day when my mom and dad went out to a dance with their friends. On the way back, they got into a car accident.

The next morning my mom told me all about it. She said that it started when they were driving back and she was starting to fall asleep. All of a sudden, the car turned, and fell right in to a ditch on the side of the highway, and they couldn't get out. Every one was OK, even the couple that was with my mom and dad. They got out of the car, and mud came up to my mom's knees. It was raining.

Many people stopped to see if everyone was alright and soon left. My mom mentioned that a young man, in about his early 20s, stopped to help them out. He was in a white Jeep that looked brand new, yet, he had no seat covers, except for towels on the floor. He gave the towels to my dad and friend to stand out in the rain, while his wife and my mom were inside the Jeep. The wife and my mother were all muddy, too. The guy kept calling 911 from his white cell phone to get a tow truck out there for them.

It took the truck two hours to get there. My dad hooked up the car and told the guy he could leave now; but the guy said that he would stay all night if he had to, and that he was not leaving until they were on the road home. Well, he did stay all night, because by the time they were on the road again, it was about 2 am. A cop at the scene said that they should have taken more damage and that they were lucky. Before leaving, the guy gave my mom and dad his cell phone number and refused to take some money that my dad had wanted to give him.

At home we (me and my mom), called the cell phone, because we realized that we had not said thank you. When we called, the operator said that the number didn't exist. That happened the next two times we tried to call him.

My mom and I think that this was an angel for two reasons, one reason being that mom did community work at a retirement home for no reason and for no pay. Maybe this was God's way to say, thank you. And the second reason is because everything thing he had at the time was white. This might be just a coincidence, but I think it is much more: in some folk talk or lore (or the ones I have always believed in) angels can become humans - but only if they own only white things.