An Angel Saved Grandpa

by Mary from Tennessee

My name is Mary, and this happened about five years before I was born. The reason I know about it is because my father told me.

It was summer time in Florida, and my grandparents and uncle were in town to visit my mother and sister. They didn't like my father -- they never have. They had been drinking (my uncle, dad, and grandfather), and an argument broke out over my dad not taking care of my mother the way he should. It was a bad fight, and blows were thrown. My dad got really mad and left to get a gun to kill my grandfather.

He went walking down the road because he didn't have a car. My father said he walked for miles, and out of nowhere, a car was suddenly beside him; and the man inside asked if he needed a ride. My father said he stopped in the middle of the road and thought to himself, "Where in the world did this car come from (he hadn't heard a car)?" "Yes," my father replied, and got into the car.

The man began to drive. He didn't ask where my father was going (and my father said he didn't tell the man where to go. They just rode). The man talked about the Bible, Jesus, and about the Ten Commandments; and how it was a sin to kill or to even have murder in his heart. My father just listened thinking all the while that he hadn't told this man that he planned to get a gun and kill my grandfather.

Then, the man turned the car around and headed toward the direction of my father's house. He drove all the way to the front door. My father never told this man where he lived. Then he told my father, "God bless you, son," and my father got out of the car. My father walked to the door and turned around to thank the man who gave him the ride, and when he did, the man and the car were gone: disappeared just as fast as it had appeared in the street, without a trace.

My father is convinced that it was an angel, and I am too.