Restaurant Strange Visitor

Enjoy this angel story as told by Tammy Jackson.

It was about 13 and a half years ago, and my daughter had not yet turned one. At this time, I was basically over my head in multi-tasking everything. I was taking care of my two children (I also had a 4-1/2 year old); and I was taking care of my mother who was diagnosed with diabetes and diamentia, and my grandfather who had arthritis and heart problems. My husband worked all the time and spent many hours with friends at the local bar. I was in charge of the house, basically cleaning the home, laundry, cooking, and even cutting the grass and keeping the yard done. So yeah, everything.

We had a routine, my grandfather did: Every time I would take him and my mother to the doctor, we always stopped at a restaurant and had lunch. On this day, he had me choose the restaurant I wanted to go to; so I picked Burger King. I didn't know it then, but I was badly depressed and extremly stressed out.

We were sitting in a booth enjoying lunch at the back of the restaurant, when for no reason, I felt like I needed to look out the front windows of the restaurant. As I did, there was this old lady just standing there looking at me. I know that sounds funny; how could she be looking at me inside a restaurant while I was sitting all the way in the back? But, it felt as though she was.

I continued to watch her. As I did, she crossed the busy intersection and came inside the restaurant. Then, she walked right up to me and my family. She was short, slightly overweight, and despite the heat, full of joy. Smiling at me, she said hello to everyone. She came up to my daughter, touched her tiny hands, turned to me and said, "Everything will be alright. Stop worrying - you will be OK."

Before leaving, she gave everyone except my daughter a golden guardian angel pin. I asked, "Why not her?" and she said, "You can give her your pin when you feel the time is right." Then, she turned and walked out the side door. Of course I was shocked; but by the time I regained my senses, she was gone. I ran out to see if I could find her so I could buy her a drink or something, but she was gone. And I mean nowhere in sight. My grandfather even had me search down some side roads, but we still couldn't find her. That's when I knew my strange visitor must have been an angel.