Her Name Was Angel

After attempting to help lost spirits, KC possibly received confirmation of her work from an angel named "Angel" afterward...

from KC

Her Name Was "Angel"In 2012, I did what would be called by this website a “spirit rescue” at an old hospital building. The building had a tremendously sad and scary feel to it. It was widely said to be haunted, and I couldn’t doubt it. I was compelled to help and formed ideas in my head on how to go about it. But I was new to this and longed for guidance. In late 2011 while searching for information, I finally found the Angels & Ghosts website which had the helping attitude I was looking for. I bought the Helping Ghosts book and used it as a resource.

This building was in a small town that was once divided into specific ethnic sections. If you were Italian, you had to live in the designated Italian section and so on. Historically there had been a number of black residents. I’m not sure how many, but it was likely less than most or at least less than some of the other groups. I had wondered how many or if any black people had been involved with the hospital. For instance, if they were treated there did they receive the same treatment as anybody else? And could there be any lost black people souls there? I’m white by the way.

Eventually I did the rescue with my own touches while using Helping Ghosts as a resource, as mentioned, and also played Louis' rescue recording. Though I had been fearful leading up to it, the rescue seemed to go well and I was pleased.

Back at work, shortly after that, I took a fifteen minute break with a co-worker. He told me a woman had approached him recently while he was working, told him she was a friend of mine and to say “Hi” to me for her. He described her as black, not too tall or short or standing out in any particularly distinct way. She told him her name was “Angel”. Try as I might I could think of no one it would have been. I don’t know anyone named Angel. This co-worker is straight laced. I’m sure if he said it happened, then it did. Uncomfortable with how the information might be taken, I had told no one at work anything about why I took a couple days off for my mission at the building that was out of town. So even if he had wanted to play a joke on me, he knew nothing about it.

Stating her name as "Angel" stands out. Could she have something to do with the building and could she somehow have known my curiosity about black people there? Or is it all just a coincidence and my imagination overactive? I still don’t know of anyone, black or otherwise, by that name. I’m left wondering.