Mysterious Priest Angel Story

The following case of a mysterious visitor angel story is intriguing and may shed light on how these amazing miracles may take place.
In August of 2013, a news report made its way around radio, television and the Internet concerning a car crash that took place in New London, Missouri. A drunk driver had went left of center, hitting another vehicle. The impact trapped the other driver in her car, and rescue workers had been working an hour to try and free her when a mysterious priest appeared at the scene. 
The woman had been asking people to pray for her when the priest made it to the scene, anointing her with oil and prayed. Firefighters recall that a peace came over the woman and them, and that two rescue workers clearly heard from the priest that they should remain calm – their equipment would work and the woman would be freed from the wreckage. News reports stated that the priest disappeared as quickly as he came – no one knew who he was, and none of the 80 photographs taken at the scene had him in frame. Witnesses were left to believe the priest was an angel sent by God to rescue the woman and aid the rescuers.

What makes this angel story different is that the priest was actually located, days later, when he came forth after hearing the reports on the news. It turns out the priest, Father Patrick Dowling, felt compelled to get out of his car 150 feet from the accident, while stopped, and walk up to the scene. He asked an office if a priest was needed, and so, made his way to the car at the time the woman was asking for prayer. He felt he didn't do anything significant and that the rescuers and  many others praying there on scene were just as important in the rescue of the crash victim. More startling, Father Dowling says he did not mention that the equipment would work and the lady would be rescued!
So, you might be thinking that this was not an angel story, but we would disagree. How did the priest know to go to the scene, arriving at just the right time? How did a calming presence come over the emergency responders and trapped woman during the prayer? And, most astonishing, how did more than one fireman hear the same message about the equipment and saving the woman, believing the priest had said it when he didn't?


May we suggest that there were others there, unseen, with the people at the crash site. And this could be how miracles happen. Could “angels,” people in spirit, have helped calm the crowd, speaking messages of peace to both the woman and rescuers? Is there joint work that takes place in multiple planes to bring miracles to pass. It's possible, and if so, this could be why accounts of supernatural events seem both explainable but unexplainable when explored more closely.