Snow Angel Story

Angel story from Chato...
As an older man of 52, I moved with my family to Colorado in the autumn of 1998. I was immediately hired at a furniture rental store and was grateful to find a job so easily.
Unfortunately, winter came a little too quickly that year. With my inexperience in dealing with such severely cold weather (I had only lived in the tropics), coupled with the travails of "starting a career all over again," I found it very hard to adjust to a new country, new people, and a new lifestyle that was clearly lower in standing to what I had been used to.

The store manager had me clear the back area of numerous huge cartons and sweep the yard up. It wasn't a difficult task until a storm suddenly blew in to a point where I couldn't see 5 feet in front of me; but the place needed to be cleared for a delivery that was due to come.
I was frozen cold, wet, frustrated, and feeling sorry for myself to the point that I (somewhat bitterly) said a short complaining prayer between tears to my guardian angel asking for his help. As I looked up, I saw this strange old man who seemed very much like a homeless hobo appear out of the swirling snow.
To this day, I cannot even remember what he really looked like despite being pretty good at memorizing and remembering faces. I told the man to come in out of the storm where I could get him a cup of coffee. He simply replied, "You shouldn't be doing this. Why don't you go in and let me finish this for you."

Something in his demeanor made me obey him meekly. After about five minutes, the manager saw me and asked if I had finished the backyard. I muttered a reply and guiltily went out back to resume my chore. To my complete surprise everything was clean out back; more than 75 huge cartons were neatly stacked on the side; the yard was swept of debris; and the mysterious man was nowhere to be found! It was impossible for anyone to accomplish what he did in five minutes! The backyard was fenced in and backed up to a mountain covered in snow! Where did he come from? Where did he go?  Who was he? I never found out and never saw him again. I am convinced he was my guardian angel who came in reply to my prayer request.