Angel Stories: Mysterious Visitors

Angel stories from Lestine M. for Angels & Ghosts...

I've had three instances of angels appearing to help me. Two of the angels were elderly men dressed in rags.

Mysterious Visitor #1
The first experience was in 1985. I was alone and four months pregnant with my first child. My parents sent me away to another city to have the baby.

I took a bus from Missouri to Waukegan, IL. The bus stopped in Waukegan, IL late at night, around midnight or later. The bus stop was just a street corner. No phone, no building, nothing. I was young and a little frightened.

I had four bags of stuff, no car and no idea where I could find a phone to call a cab. Out of the blue, an elderly man appeared. He was very dirty and his clothes were rags. I thought he was going to rob me.

He simply told me that I wasn't safe and in the worst section of town. I needed to get out of there. I told him, I didn't know where a phone was. He told me he knew. I gave him a quarter to call a cab for me. He did so and waited with me until the cab arrived.

Mysterious Visitor #2
The second incident occurred during Hurricane Kartrina. I recently had moved to Mobile, Alabama. This was the year for hurricanes. It was 2005 and Katrina was headed right toward Mobile. I lived in a trailer at that time, and all of the other residents of the trailer court fled.

My husband and I were the only ones remaining. This spooked me a little so we decided to get in our little Jetta and drive north. We beat the storm but didn't go far enough north. A tornado hit with extreme force. My little car shook and shook under the wind. We stopped at a truck stop just north of Mobile amongst other vehicles.

All night long we waited as the winds kept getting worse and worse. An elderly man, in a truck with New Mexico license plates, pulled up beside my little car and told me and my husband that the Waffle House was still open about 15 miles north.

We journeyed on to the Waffle House and waited out the storm and had something to eat. Just as we finished, the power went out and all hell broke loose. We decided to stay at the Waffle House parking lot to ride out the storm.

When it was over, we returned home. While passing the truck stop, we noticed the very large "Pilot" gas station sign had fallen. It was laying on the ground in the exact location where my car previously had been parked when the man who was driving the truck from New Mexico told us to go north!

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