I Met an Angel

Story from Sister Sue of how she met an angel...

I met an angel.

I am a member of the community where the Thurston High School shooting happened. I am also a graduate of Thurston High School, so this tragedy really hit home. I remember sitting in my office and watching all the police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles pass my building, wondering what was happening. It had to be big; I had never seen such activity. We turned on a radio and found out…there was mass shooting at the school.

How I Met an Angel
In the following days, the news would give an update on the wounded children in the area hospitals. Of course, this daily update came with more news on the shooter. There was one young girl that had gotten shot in the head and was in the ICU. Doctors said they had done all they could, and things did not look good.

I started praying. I prayed every waking moment that not one more child would die. I prayed for days; and I called on angels to protect her, heal her, and give her life again. I prayed and prayed.

One evening while leaving work, I was walking to my car as I did every day. I was praying...still. There were two people walking on the sidewalk in front of me, and a few more people behind me. Everyone was moving about, going home. The traffic on the main street was full of noise and cars with people going home.

All of the sudden, I noticed the sun was extremely bright behind me and was getting hot on my back. I even remember saying to myself,“Wow, the sun is so bright and warm”. As a habit while walking, I always watch the ground more than I watch where I’m going, because I don’t want to trip. As I looked up to chart my course, I saw the two people in front of me. I knew from my peripheral vision that no one else was around, still noting how bright it was even in the shade of a building. I looked down again as I came to the corner of this building and almost ran into a man. Where did he come from?

I jumped and said, "Excuse me.”

He replied, "Excuse me," and walked around me.

One step forward, I heard a slapping sound, and the man said, “Oh, of course it's you! I should have known. Your aura is huge and bright! I’m sorry.”

“Excuse me?” I turned around and said.

The man repeated himself. “I’m sorry. I should have known it’s you. Your aura is huge.”

Again I said, “Excuse me. Do you know me?”


“Do I know you?”

He said, “Well, yes and no.”

The man shook my hand, telling me his name (which I should have written down) and asked me if I knew who he was.

“No I don’t know you.” I had no clue who he was, having never seen him before either. He told me where I worked, even where my desk sat. I asked if I knew him from the office, but I didn't. He told me where I lived and that he knew I had a son.

Surprised, I said, “OK, that’s it. Who are you?”

“I was sent to give you a message.”

I asked him, “What message?” The man told me that the girl would be fine, and I could stop praying for her.

I was totally freaked out. No one had known I was praying for this girl...no one! All of the sudden, I noticed the sun go brighter. There was no noise, no traffic. Yes, no traffic on one of the busiest streets in town at 5:15 pm. There were no people anywhere...total silence and bright, very bright light! It was as if we were the only people anywhere! I have never felt so comfortable in my life. He held my hand for a moment; we talked, and he went on his way, stepping behind me and walking the opposite way I was walking. I took two steps, turned around to say something else to him, and there was no one there. There was no one anywhere. You could see for blocks down the sidewalk, and there was no place for a person to hide. I stepped out to the middle of the street to see if I could see the man one more time, and I couldn’t see anyone, cars, or anything! The sun was still unbelievably bright. So I turned around, went back to the sidewalk, and took a couple more steps when all of a sudden I saw two people walking in front of me. There was now the noise of the typical 5 o'clock traffic on main street, cars coming out of a parking lot across the street, and people walking all around. The sun dimmed, too. All of this happened at the same time.

I just stood there asking myself, “What just happened?” My thoughts were spinning as I started recapping the last few moments I had spent with someone that knew everything about me. I was speechless. 

That night I turned the news on when I got home, and the report came up on the girl in the hospital. The doctor said it was a miracle. She was near death, woke up, and was doing better than could ever had been expected. It could only have been a miracle.

The next day at work, my co-worker's window faced out on the busy street. Across that street was a bus stop. I saw a man standing in the corner wearing a long leather coat and leather cowboy-type hat. I asked her to look at that man at the bus stop: He looked like a cowboy.

She looked and asked me, “Where?”

“There,” I pointed out the window at the bus stop.

She looked and said, “There is no one at the bus stop.”

After we repeated this exchange a few times, I gave up. My co-worker was unable to see what I could see.

I went to lunch with a friend the next day and waited at the intersection for a change in the light. I told her my story and then asked if she too saw someone standing at the bus stop wearing a long leather coat and cowboy hat; I was now looking at him, again.

She looked and said, “Nope. No one there.”

OK. I waved at the man I could see as I passed by, and he waved back. I looked back after passing him: He was gone.

I can only come to one conclusion about this entire event. This little, gray-haired, bearded black man wearing old, torn jeans, brown t-shirt, leather vest and crystal rocks hanging from leather strings around his neck is my angel. There is no other explanation.

This is my story. Believe it if you wish; I don't care. I was there and it changed my life.

I met an angel.