Mysterious Helper Angel Story

Angel testimony as told by Pam...

In August of 2006 I had a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic. All went very well with my surgery and I was there for 3 weeks and then went home to Columbus. I had to make many trips back and forth from my home in Columbus to Cleveland for check-ups and follow-ups with the transplantation team at the Clinic. I did very well, however I had to be on oxygen for several months after surgery. I was living with my brother and sister-in-law, because I could not be alone. My brother took care of all of the oxygen equipment for several reasons. I could not handle all of that and recover too and he was very good at it and liked doing it for me.

On one of the many trips from Columbus to Cleveland, my Mother and I were on our way home from a very long day at Cleveland Clinic working with the doctors. My brother had prepared many oxygen tanks for us to take with us, however, since the day was longer that we thought is was going to be, I began to run out of oxygen on our way home. We had taken two oxygen tanks to spare, however to use portable oxygen tanks there needs to have regulators added to the tanks in order for them to work. My brother had prepared as many tanks as we had regulators for before we left and sent two extra tanks, just in case. My Mother and I had no idea how to change the regulators on the tanks.

When I began to run out of oxygen on our way home, we stopped at a roadside rest area and tried to figure out how to put the regulators on the extra tanks. We just could not figure it out and I was quickly running out of air. While we were both working on the tanks, there came up to us a man who said, "Do you need any help?" My Mother said, "Well, do you know anything about oxygen tanks?" and the man said, "Well, a little." We explained our dilemma and he took the regulators off of the empty tanks and put them on the spare tanks that we had with us. We were so relieved that he had come along to help us just at the right time.

We put the tanks in the car and I had the new tank with the regulator added, and turned around to thank the man for his help; and he was no where to be found! There was no car, van or truck for him to get into and drive away. I looked at my Mom and asked, "Where did that man go?" She looked around and said, "I don't know. He was just here."

I have no idea who he was or where he went, but I am convinced God sent an angel to help us. I would not have been able to make it home without the oxygen and the help from God and his angel.