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Angels & Ghosts News: Animals in the Afterlife?

Posted by Administrator on September 16, 2012

Do Animals Live on in the Afterlife?

Louis Charles

September 2012

Heading into our Fall season, as we reported last month, we are still hard at work, updating for the remainder of 2012. This means a new ghost hunting store will go live this Fall, and the main navigational pages on the website will be revamped and mobile friendly.

This month, enjoy a new report of an experience with the spirit of a pet dog while the person was having an out-of-body experience. Also enjoy some interesting animal ghost pictures!

Animals in the Afterlife

Is your pet with you?

Did you ever wonder what happens to a pet after it passes? Does the life of animals end at death, or do our furry friends live on in the ethereal real? Sylvia has an out-of-body experience and decided to see if her deceased dog would come if called.

Read what happened: Animals in the Afterlife

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Animal Ghost Pictures

Ghost dog appears…

Kathy Owen unknowingly photographed the face of a dog during a ghost investigation. (Of course, no dog was present that they could see.)

Take a look at the Ghost Dog Photograph

Ghost birds?

Becky from Mexico sent us a photograph of her holding a bird in a cage. She noticed later that there were other birds in the photo – animal spirits, she believes – that did not have physical bodies. Were her feathered friends hanging out with the “living” birds? Could they have been former residents of the cage?

Check out the Bird Ghost Picture

Do you see a horse and rider in the mist?

Her late father snapped this ghost picture of a horse and rider in the stable mist. The form, at first, is difficult to see. But to us, it is unmistakably the image of ghostly equine and rider.

Can you see he apparition? Ghost Horse & Rider

Is this her dog?

Christine sent us her ghost photo of what may have been her dog, Xena, looking through the window behind her. Even though the ghost dog’s face is small, what we love about this picture is that there are experiences from multiple people to help confirm it.

Check out the story and Ghost Dog Photo

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