Great Ghosts, 2013 Conferences & Future Predictions

Welcome to the new year!

This month, we bring you more great ghost pictures, a listing of 2013 ghost conferences as well as our annual predictions page for the next year. Have a great month… – Louis

2013 Best Ghost Pictures Page

Best Ghost Pictures of 2013

We’ve created a new page entitled Best Ghost Pictures 2013for our forthcoming ghost pictures pages that will be added throughout 2013.

For this month, we just added the Top Ghost Pictures page of new specter photos. Be sure not to miss the St. Bernard’s Abbey Ghost Priest Pictures, too!

Predictions About the Future?

Psychic Forecasts

This could be an interesting year for those of us on planet Earth. What are the psychics saying about it? Check out some of their prognostications and forecasts about world events, Hollywood stars and more…

2013 Psychic Predictions

Visit a Ghost Convention or Conference in 2013

2013 Ghost Conferences!

Why not take to the open road, this year, and participate in a ghost conference? We’ve listed quite a few with more coming to our listings page. Meet other ghost investigators, attend workshops and visit vendors in the paranormal genre!

Ghost Conferences & Ghost Conventions

New Stuff!

Audio Recorders for Ghost Hunting for Sale
Buy an Audio Recorder for Ghost Hunting and EVP Work!

We’ve added lots of new ghost investigation products to the Angels & Ghosts Ghost Hunting Store for this year, too!