Meditating to Reach Spirits

All of us have heard of meditation and how it can help us to find peace or “level set” by quieting the mind. But over the years, for me, meditation has helped bridge the gap between 2 worlds – one of which, I feel, coexists with us.

I’d became aware of this other world, let’s call it “Spirit,” quite by accident. It took my by surprise, out of the blue, one year, dramatically touching my life for about a week. At that time, I believed that a spirit world existed but, to me, that place seemed far, far away. I was heavily involved in a religion and was deep into my religious books and teachings. So, imagine what it must have been like for me when, one day, a strong, unseen presence was suddenly with me in my home. I could feel this presence. Was it a person? People? At that time, I had no idea – I only recognized that it was real, tangible and had a voice.

To make a long story short, this voice was something I had connected with and learned from; and I would continue to reconnect with the voice of Spirit over many years. Sometimes, these connections were daily if I wanted them to be; other times, the connection might seem lost for a period of time. It was meditation, though, that could always be used to bring me back to those who are with me in Spirit.

To learn more about reaching spirits who are with you, even now, may I suggest reading the article, Meditation to Talk to Spirits. I think that becoming aware of something greater is the first step. And I also think that connecting brings many blessings to the person who is aware.  – Louis


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