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December 2012

Happy Holidays!

I trust you will be having special times with family and friends this time of year, including those in spirit who celebrate with you unseen. May we inspire you to know more about the mysteries of life this coming year…  – Louis Charles

Are People Hearing Ghosts in Baby Monitors?

Over the years, it has been a consistent theme: people reporting voices coming from the rooms of their infants. Are they ghosts?
Baby Monitors & Ghosts

We take a closer look at the phenomenon this month. Read Baby Monitor & Ghosts.

Real Ghost Photographs…

Real Ghost PicturesFor December, we brush up on Bugsy Siegel and wonder if he could possibly haunt the hotel he once owned. After all, his ghost has been spotted by dozens of people over the years. We also examine a photo of a possible ghost in front of a burial mound and a pic of a grandmother who appears in spirit with mourners having a vigil! Check out our Real Ghost Pictures

Revamped Sections of the Angels & Ghosts Website!

We’ve been updating sections of our website, Angels & Ghosts, and have updated the Best Times for Ghost Hunting page. Check it out!

Want to ghost hunt from your computer? Why not watch a haunted location from the comfort of your home? We updated our list of haunted web cams from around the Internet. They are showing live footage of houses, buildings and more that reportedly have ghost activity. You just might catch a ghost! Visit Ghost Web Cams

New Ghost Hunting Products

More products have been added to our store and more are coming later this month! Visit the…Angels & Ghosts Store

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Helping Ghosts

Angels & Ghosts Ghost Hunting Store

Using Lasers for Ghost Hunting

Ghost investigators are seeing the use of a “laser grid” on paranormal television shows in order to help detect the presence of ghosts. Will it work? By all estimations, it should definitely be able to assist in detecting ghosts that move in front of a stationary video camera. That is the key: using a camcorder or camera that is mounted on a tripod. If there is no movement from the camera or laser unit, then the only way movement within a stationary set of laser green dots could happen would be if the laser pattern is interrupted by something else.

Which laser to use? Find yourself a smaller 5mW laser to cast your grid. You won’t need to spend more money for anything more powerful and a lower strength laser is safer to work around. Be sure and find one that has an optical lens on the end to diffuse the laser beam into a various array of dot patterns.

When ghost hunting with the laser grid, we recommend displaying your grid in an area where movement has been seen. Also, adjust the lighting so the dots are captured more prominently. If using an Infrared camera, you might need to back down the IR light source by either turning it off or having it reflect off of something. This way the camera can still see, and the green laser dots will be pronounced. In fact, we were able to turn off our blacklight illuminator for our full spectrum camera and just use ambient light in conjunction with the light created by the laser itself. The effect was highly visible to the camera eye.

For more information, visit Laser Grid & Ghosts.

To buy a laser for ghost hunting, visit the Fringe Tech store.

Kent Stage All Night Ghost Hunt

Friday, September 3rd (doors open at 6 pm I am told), a psychic fair and all night ghost hunt will be held at the reputedly haunted Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. Come down college kids. This could be a good one! The event will begin with psychic readings, vendors, etc and at 11:00 pm I will give a talk about ghosts and ghost investigation. Being your flashlights and tools of the trade, and we’ll see what we can collectively capture that night. Is the Kent Stage haunted? Come out and find out! Tickets may be purchased at the Kent Stage or online at