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Using Lasers for Ghost Hunting

Posted by Administrator on November 16, 2010

Ghost investigators are seeing the use of a “laser grid” on paranormal television shows in order to help detect the presence of ghosts. Will it work? By all estimations, it should definitely be able to assist in detecting ghosts that move in front of a stationary video camera. That is the key: using a camcorder or camera that is mounted on a tripod. If there is no movement from the camera or laser unit, then the only way movement within a stationary set of laser green dots could happen would be if the laser pattern is interrupted by something else.

Which laser to use? Find yourself a smaller 5mW laser to cast your grid. You won’t need to spend more money for anything more powerful and a lower strength laser is safer to work around. Be sure and find one that has an optical lens on the end to diffuse the laser beam into a various array of dot patterns.

When ghost hunting with the laser grid, we recommend displaying your grid in an area where movement has been seen. Also, adjust the lighting so the dots are captured more prominently. If using an Infrared camera, you might need to back down the IR light source by either turning it off or having it reflect off of something. This way the camera can still see, and the green laser dots will be pronounced. In fact, we were able to turn off our blacklight illuminator for our full spectrum camera and just use ambient light in conjunction with the light created by the laser itself. The effect was highly visible to the camera eye.

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