Northeast Ohio Ghost Investigation & Class

Northeast Ohio Ghost Investigation: Akron, Canton, Cleveland!

Hurry and sign up and join a SIGHT of OHIO ghost investigation class and learn about ghost communication! Author Louis Charles and Psychic Medium Laura Lyn will be sharing techniques as well as ghost photographs and audio recordings they made of ghost voices.

Sign up is now and the three hour class is only $19! There will multiple dates offered to attend so don’t wait!

The offer expires in less than 18 hours from the time of this posting. You can get the details here:

Help Ghosts? Louis Charles’ TV Interview Says ‘Yes’

October 29th, 2010 I was interviewed by host Robin of Fox 8 – Cleveland’s The Robin Swoboda Show. I had a wonderful time and finally had the chance to upload the video.

Robin and the producers wanted to do a different type of show this year about ghosts (since it was the Halloween season). She obviously does not believe in ghosts but is a gracious host and fantastic person!

You can watch the interview on YouTube at the link I provided below:

Helping Ghosts Interview – Louis Charles on The Robin Swoboda Show

Friday, Oct. 29th at 10am – Ghosts on Robin Swoboda TV

October 29th at 10am, I will join paranormal investigator Dave Mackey and famed “Ghost Whisperer” Mary Ann Winkowski on The Robin Swoboda Show on Fox 8 TV – Cleveland. Coming from different backgrounds and experiences, this show features three different perspectives from people seasoned in ghost investigation. Don’t be surprised if I talk about ghosts in the Bible and other interesting topics not normally discussed about ghosts and haunting! The show’s website can be visited here:

Bedford Ohio Booth – Saturday, Aug. 28th Ghost Communication!

This Saturday, August 28th from 12 noon until 10:00 pm in downtown Bedford, Ohio I plan on manning a booth of psychic-medium Laura Lyn. The Cleveland area pagan pride festival is taking place, and I thought it would be an intriguing event to witness. So come out and meet me, and we can talk about ghosts and how to communicate with them!

Signed copies of Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits will be available for $15., plus I plan on bringing some IR-converted cameras and ghost box sweeping radios (for communicating with ghosts and spirits) that can be purchased.