False Ghost Pictures: Taking Pictures Through Glass

When reviewing ghost pictures, we often receive images that have been taken through glass such as a window panes, door glass, etc. This can make it more difficult to see if there is actually a ghostly apparition within the photo. Many times, people visit museums and take photos of exhibits encased in glass and are surprise to see “ghosts” appearing in the frame.

The most common type of non-ghost we see when shooting pictures through glass is usually a human form of someone who was in the room with the photographer – a mere reflection of either their body or shadow. Often, the photographer’s own reflection of a body part will be mistaken for an entity. It’s also important to know that smudges, dirt and fingerprints on glass will illuminate with light of the camera’s flash and look ethereal and see through. The issue with glass reflections, of course, is that the everything reflected is transparent – see through.

If at all possible, try not to take photographs through glass while ghost investigating. If you have to do so, then work to explain anomalies by first considering natural reflection effects. Try and account for everyone who was in the room (and especially where they were at when the photo was recorded), and do not be afraid to attempt to duplicate the effect to either validate or disprove it.

Source: False Ghost Pictures: Glass Reflection

Holidays & a Rise in Haunting?

Over the past two weeks, I’m having more and more people contact me with what I shall call “ghost problems.” Some are being pestered while others are simply seeing ghost activity elevate within their homes or around their children. Descriptions of haunting, recently, have included seeing shadow ghosts, hearing voices and the manipulation of the physical environment in some way (e.g. moving or missing objects, bangings, etc).

I’m wondering if during the holiday season there might be a rise in ghost activity. A ghost is simply a disembodied human spirit (my definition for this post), and human beings react differently during this time of year, it seems. Could the thought of the holidays still affect people while in the ethereal realms? Are ghosts and spirits more involved in our lives during celebrations? Can holidays hold a negative connotation for some lost spirits; while to others, it may simply make them more joyous? Just some thoughts to consider while drinking our eggnog and enjoying family and friends as 2011 comes to a close.

If you are experiencing a haunting, remain fearless and compassionate toward the person unseen who is with you. You might just find that Aunt Martha has been trying to make her presence known, and you wouldn’t want to upset Aunt Martha.

Seriously, if you need help solving a haunting in a compassionate way, may I recommend the book, Helping Ghosts?

December Newsletter – Angels & Ghosts!

Angelic Accounts for the Holidays!

Are you aware of angels with you?

December 2011

More Angels Than Ghosts This Month!
With the holiday season upon us, we thought it might be nice to share some inspiring stories about angels – unseen spirits who are with us to observe, guide, and at times, help. We know you’ll enjoy this month’s accounts of angelic help!

We’ve also added a few new angel (spirit) pictures this month for your enjoyment. Have a great month and enjoy your time with family.

Book Update
The Jesus Religion Revised Edition is still in the works for publishing, but we are a bit behind during this busy, holiday season. Stay tuned – it will have some new content and revised verbiage to better help those who need what lies between its covers.


Stories of Archangels & Angels Bringing Help

You will not believe what she saw…

The following accounts of angels are truly inspiring!

Near Death Experience & Death Bed Angels
Did her NDE give her the ability to see the angels attending her mom during her last days on earth?

Archangels Story
Read what Kathy did to help clear her troubled house.


New Ghost & Angel Pictures, Ghost Videos to See!

Convent nun spirit – is it real?

Ghost Pictures? Angel Pictures?

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Ava’s Angel Photos

Recent Ghost Videos: Just in time for the Holidays, get in the “spirit” by watching these newly added Ghost Videos. (Hint: Be sure and see the ghost girl in a white dress!)


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