Ancient Egypt – Mummies & Specters

Ancient Egypt & Beliefs in the Afterlife: MummyAfter watching different movie versions of “The Mummy,” one can’t help but wonder what ancient Egypt believed with regard to curses, plagues, entities, the afterlife and more. Did priests of Pharaoh have direct connections with dead ancients and the afterlife? Could they manipulate spirits or apply curses to the living and the damned? We may never know.

Westerners have been captivated by Egyptian culture, especially so, when King Tut’s remains and raided tomb treasure made its way to the United States. Rumors of a curse plaguing those who participated in the Tut excavation have been the stuff of legend. Could ghosts have haunted the archaeology team and their families?

This month, Egypt is on our minds. So, we have a great article about this wonderful, ancient culture’s belief in ghosts and spirits: Egyptian Ghosts

Radio Nowhere Show Interview

Today I had the chance to be interviewed by Shane and Dan of the Radio Nowhere Show. I had a great time talking to the guys about ghosts, why they haunt, how we can help them, and the influence of religion on our culture.

The radio interview developed because of topics found in both of my books: Helping Ghosts and Jesus Religion. To listen to our discussion via podcast, visit the Radio Nowhere Show at

Ghosts, Spirits, the Bible & Christianity?

Friday night, August 13th, at 9:00 pm EST!

I’ll go one on one with radio host Jacob Israel about my new book, “Helping Ghosts,” that is changing the way people view ghosts. Call in and talk to Jacob about the book and bring your questions. Skeptic or not, this is going to be one show that proves the greatest power there is, is love! I’ll also talk about reconciling my former Christian beliefs with what I know now concerning ghosts. There are ghosts in the bible

Listen live here: