February 2013: Ghost Information, New Angel & Ghost Photos

Ghost Information, New Angel & Ghost Photos…
February 2013

The following is this month’s latest, greatest updates, including a Grand Canyon angel picture capture, an exclusive ghost

Ghost Images in Pictures…

New, this month, is our Ghost Images in Pictures page featuring some great ghost pictures to examine.

Our featured ghost picture was captured decades ago at The Hermitage and was recently “unearthed.” The Hermitage Ghost Picture is so good, that back in the day, famed ghost investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, examined the film and featured it on their TV show. And you can’t see it anywhere else but on Angels & Ghosts!

The Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Photo!

Jeff N. accidentally captured a bright angel-looking anomaly in the sky above the Grand Canyon near Bright Angel Lodge. We decided to dig deeper to see if there was a reason the area used the name, “Bright Angel.” Was there a connection? Find out and see the Bright Angel Picture!

Study Ghosts in Our New Ghost Info Section!

We really had some fun building out our ghost information section that is now much more fun and easier to find the ghost info you are seeking to learn more about – so, be sure and check out our Ghost Information section!

Ghost Store!  

Looking to begin your own ghost hunt? Need some innovative ghost hunting equipment? Check out the Angels & Ghosts Ghost Hunting Store