February 2015 Angels & Ghosts Newsletter

February 2015

why-not-more-ghosts-1-2015xxIf we consider how many people have lived on earth (estimated at 107 billion), it’s fair to wonder why there are not more ghost sightings.

This month, we’ll attempt to answer this question, plus share some great stories and photos. – Louis

Where Are All the Ghosts?
Cynics of the supernatural will often ask, “Why are we not seeing more ghosts out there if so many people have lived?” Great question but allow us to offer some conjecture on the subject. Read: Why Are There Not More Ghosts?

man-in-the-wall-1-2015xxShadow Person Experiences
This is a true ghost story of a young boy haunted in his bedroom by a man that looked like ‘a lot of bees.’

Naturally, the lad was afraid to go to sleep by himself (and who could blame him). Read His Real: Shadow Person Experiences

More Pictures and Stories…
Black Cat Ghost Story
Aussie family lives with a real spirit kitty…
Bowing Ghost Child?
Mysterious Christmas child visitor in photos…
Whispering Angel?
Grandma always said she had an angel…
Stuart Casserley’s Brother?
Could this bright light be his brother’s spirit?
Ghost Essence Photograph
Crazy, must-see anomaly in the face of a child…
Angel in Heaven: Angie
Did this mom receive a sign from her daughter?
Little Girl Spirit Photo?
Family believes the spirit of a girl is with them.
Angel Fighting a Fire Picture
Striking angelic figure is seen in the smoke…
White Cloak Ghost Picture
Could something be hiding in her closet?
Fade to Black Near Death Experience
Short account of dying and what the man saw.

Ghost Photos, Shadow Man & Story of Haunted Dolls

Angels & Ghosts News!
April 2013
April has been an incredible month, and we are excited to bring you some fantastic stories and ghost photos.

One ghost picture that we recently received, in particular, further confirms a ghostly encounter we have been chasing for over 7 years: the Moundsville Shadow Man. You need to see this awesome collection of photos and their stories. – Louis

The Moundsville Shadow Man Photos
Compare the 3 Shadow Man Ghost Photos! Moundsville Shadow Ghost: Taken in the Psyche Ward
Many years ago, we learned of the West Virginia Pen’s most famous ghost picture, the Shadow Man, and just had to investigate the story behind the photo – onsite. Not only did we come away convinced that Polly Gear’s photograph is authentic, but we’ve received 2 other photos, since our original investigation, that validate the shadow man sighting!

More Ghost Photos
Ghost in PicturesHoly smokes – we have some ghost photos that will astound. See our most recent ghost pictures: Ghost in Pictures

Also view ghosts photographed using our ghost hunting cameras: Full Spectrum Ghost Pictures.

Also view these hot real ghost photo pages:

True Haunted Doll Story

Haunted Doll StoryThis month’s true ghost story comes from Portugal. You might have heard of people wanting to own a haunted doll, but we suggest reading this account before doing so: Haunted Doll Story

Learn more? Visit our Haunted Dolls section!

Ghost Ships: Tales of Haunting at SeaWant More? How About Ghost Ships?
Haunting can happen anywhere, we have found, and the sea holds its share of ghastly tales.

See photos and read stories of Ghost Ships.

December Newsletter – Angels & Ghosts!

Angelic Accounts for the Holidays!

Are you aware of angels with you?

December 2011

More Angels Than Ghosts This Month!
With the holiday season upon us, we thought it might be nice to share some inspiring stories about angels – unseen spirits who are with us to observe, guide, and at times, help. We know you’ll enjoy this month’s accounts of angelic help!

We’ve also added a few new angel (spirit) pictures this month for your enjoyment. Have a great month and enjoy your time with family.

Book Update
The Jesus Religion Revised Edition is still in the works for publishing, but we are a bit behind during this busy, holiday season. Stay tuned – it will have some new content and revised verbiage to better help those who need what lies between its covers.


Stories of Archangels & Angels Bringing Help

You will not believe what she saw…

The following accounts of angels are truly inspiring!

Near Death Experience & Death Bed Angels
Did her NDE give her the ability to see the angels attending her mom during her last days on earth?

Archangels Story
Read what Kathy did to help clear her troubled house.


New Ghost & Angel Pictures, Ghost Videos to See!

Convent nun spirit – is it real?

Ghost Pictures? Angel Pictures?

Take a look at these newly added ghost & spirit pictures:
Theatre Ghost Picture
Carriage House Ghost Picture
Swinging Bridge Ghosts
Daughter’s Doorway Ghost?
Funeral Spirit Picture
Convent Nun Picture (at left)
1960 Angel or Spirit Picture
Ava’s Angel Photos

Recent Ghost Videos: Just in time for the Holidays, get in the “spirit” by watching these newly added Ghost Videos. (Hint: Be sure and see the ghost girl in a white dress!)


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

Please enjoy our thousands of pages of information about ghosts and spirits!

Below are links to some of the main sections of the Angels & Ghosts website:

Ghost Stories
Angel Stories
Ghost Videos
Ghost Pictures
Angel Pictures
Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!

More Shortcuts to Spirits:
This is our latest Ghost Pictures page which is added to each month:
Ghost Pictures Collection

This is our expanding Angel Pictures page which is added to each month:
Angel Pictures Collection


Ghost Store: New Ghost Box!

New Sangean ghost box…

We’ve added a new ghost box for sale at our Fringe Technology Store.

This radio is quality and altered to sweep the AM and FM bands for enhanced EVP collection: two-way ghost and spirit communication.


Get the book on Amazon!

Happy Holidays – enjoy your time with family,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

Angels & Ghosts


Helping Ghosts



Infrared Cameras for Artistic Photography

Infrared Camera Photograph

(Infrared Photo courtesy of Nellie Kampmann)

Our Infrared converted cameras have been popular for paranormal investigation because they can see in the dark and have and expanded “full spectrum” range. However, many have not yet discovered the Infrared camera’s ability to take striking photographs during the day. These can be used for artistic photography by professionals and novices alike.

The UV-Vis-IR camera does not use a filter, so it is easy to operate and are inexpensive to purchase. Check out our explanation and see some examples of this at Infrared Cameras.

To buy an inexpensive Infrared camera, visit the Fringe Tech Store!

July 2010 Newsletter – Angels & Ghosts (late posting)


July 2010 News & Updates!

What a great time I am having! Since my last newsletter, I have been publishing lots of new articles about ghosts and spirits, photographs, and videos, as well as traveling about speaking and signing copies of my book, ‘Helping Ghosts.’ Right now, I am averaging about 25 scheduled engagements over the next few months. Some of them are radio interviews, while other events are in-person. In early August, I will be adding a lot more programs to my schedule.

I have been amazed at the turnout and interest concerning ghosts and communication with spirits. It seems many people have had an experience of some sort and wish to explore the paranormal further. Come out and see me or tune-in to a radio broadcast. Hopefully, I can answer some of your questions about ghosts and haunting.

The following events are on my schedule for the upcoming weeks:

July 22nd – 8:00 PM (EST) Metaphysically Speaking Radio Interview

July 26th – 10:30 AM Ghost Talk & Book Signing at Java Gourmet in North Myrtle Beach, SC

July 29th – 5:00 PM Ghost Talk & Book Signing at Blue Bicycle Books in Charleston, SC

August 2nd – 7:00 PM (EST) Be You To Full Radio Interview

August 4th – 8:00 PM (EST) Ghost Chatter Radio Interview

August 7th – 2:00 PM Ghost Talk & Book Signing at Waldenbooks in New Philadelphia, OH

August 10th – 7:00 PM Ghost Communication at Cuyahoga Falls Library n Cuyahoga Falls, OH

August 14th – 10:30 AM (CST) KZUM 89.3 Radio Interview, Lincoln, NE

August 16th – 5:00 PM (EST) – Ghost Quest Radio Interview

August 24th – 8:00 PM (EST) – ParaExplorers Radio Interview

Get the rest of my event schedule here: Louis Charles Book Tour Events

Doyle’s Case for Ghosts!

This month, we are featuring the ghost pictures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The creator of Sherlock Holmes wrote a book in defense of spirit photography and the Crew Circle mediums. Within this 1923 book are numerous ghost photos displayed as “evidence” in support of their work. Doyle investigated the mediums extensively.

We painfully scanned and cropped the images from Doyle’s book to bring you some ghost photographs you haven’t seen before. Enjoy!

The Arthur Conan Doyle Ghost Photographs

New Articles About Ghosts & Spirits!

Do you see the man’s head that is sideways in this photograph?

This month, we have quite a few articles to spark your interest and expand your mind. Check them out!

Ghosts: Dangers? Can ghosts be dangerous? We explore the facts…

Ghosts: Scientific Proof? Will science finally prove that ghosts are real and not figments of our imagination?

Create Ghosts? Can we create a ghost? You might be surprised by this answer…

Types of Shadow People We try and sort through the malarky going around the Internet about shadow ghosts.

Beliefs in Angels Are our ideas about angels changing? What should you believe?

Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!

Over 40 new pages of ghost and angel information was added this month!

The following are new pages of photographs:

July ’10 Ghost Pictures (Arthur Conan Doyle Ghost Photos)

July ’10 Angel Pictures

The following are new stories:

Awakening Angels Story

Apparition Ghost Stories

Shops’ Apparitions Ghost Story

Cornwall Gaol Ghost Story (Ron Wolf – Canadian Ghost Story)

The following page has new ghost videos:

July ’10 Real Ghost Videos (Check out the Tesla Spirit Radio!)

For more spirited pages to explore, visit:

Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures

A Must-Have Ghost Book!

Solve a haunting!

It is my hope that paranormal investigators can learn to solve cases of haunting by communicating with ghosts and learning to help them transition beyond this realm.

People who suffer from an active haunting also need guidance. ‘Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits’ is a field guide that not only explains why ghosts haunt but what you can do to communicate with them in order to bring peace to all parties involved.

Author and writing professor, John Kachuba, had this to say about the book:

“Louis Charles’ Helping Ghosts is a book that belongs on every paranormal bookshelf. It seems that most of the other ghost books out there talk about ‘hunting’ ghosts, but Charles talks about a much more important aspect of paranormal investigating, that is, how to help these poor lost spirits find the peace they deserve. As a paranormal investigator myself, I have often wondered why so many people treat ghosts as if they were animals in a zoo or entertainers performing for our pleasure–instead of people like ourselves.

Charles expresses some well-developed ideas about the nature of ghosts and provides specific methods to allow investigators to help the ghosts find their way home. He draws upon his own investigations and experiments with audio recordings using a ‘Frank’s box’ type of device and EVPs. Helping Ghosts is a great addition to the field of paranormal studies and I recommend it to anyone working as a paranormal investigator.” -John Kachuba, author, Ghosthunters: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers, and Other Investigators of America’s Paranormal World

You can pick up a copy of Helping Ghosts through Amazon.com:

Helping Ghosts; A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits

To learn more, visit HelpingGhosts.com

Camera sees in the dark with IR lighting! No flash needed!

Fringe Tech Ghost Hunting Store

You will find some unique ghost investigation items here, such as ghost boxes, IR flashlights, and IR-Vis-UV cameras.

If you want to up your level of ghost investigation, then pick up an inexpensive ghost hunting camera that we have altered. It will see in the dark with IR lighting, and you’ll not need to use the flash. Dust orbs will virtually be eliminated from your photographs! (Some people are also buying them in order to have an IR camera that takes artistic photographs outdoors!)

Have a great month!

Louis Charles, Publisher

Angels & Ghosts

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