Angel in Heaven: Angie

Gravesite photo might possibly reveal daughter Angie's spirit is with her mother. Angie is believed to be Dawn's 'angel' in heaven!

"I set up this Christmas tree at my 23 year old daughter's gravesite. I had told her, 'I hope you get this Christmas tree and windchime I brought, baby girl. Be a good angel in heaven!' And (I then) took a picture to show my husband her tree. When I got home, I looked at the picture and was truly astonished and amazed. It looks like she got her present and her tree! This is the most beautiful thing I can imagine: I think I took a picture of an angel, visiting from heaven, my daughter Angie..." - Dawn

Description of the Photo
An unexplained streak of light diagonally appears across the frame. The dash of white seems to begin and end within the picture and does not carry off the edge as something dangling in front of the lens might do (look closely as it is not a camera strap) - a true mystery.

We especially like how the timing of the photo coincided with Dawn's verbal communications with Angie. Nice!