Celestial Being?

Does this picture with strong light from the sun actually uncover or reveal a celestial being in her midst?

"This photo was taken in Conway, New Hampshire. One of my favorite places to be and visit in the summer is the Kangamangus Highway in the White Mountains, NH. It is a beautiful and peaceful place and a great getaway from the city. I have three pictures that show this form. I agree the shape is amazing - looks just like a body with wings!" - Linda

"Odd thing is I don't remember seeing this shape when I first looked at the photos. I just happened to be looking through my pics for a screensaver recently and couldn't believe it. This was taken in September 2014." - Linda


Although sunlight shining back into the lens of a camera (known as lens flare) can produce round or polygonal-shaped artifacts after hitting the 'eye' or sensor, we cannot help but wonder in amazement at the shape of this light form. It looks distinctly like a human form.