Soldier Light Angel Picture

A mysterious beam of light appeared out of nowhere and shone down from the heavens on a fallen soldier's dog named "Hero." Hero and soldier, Justin Rollins, found each other and became close friends in Iraq. Now, Hero has come to the United States and lives with Justin's parents. He has helped to comfort them through the loss of their son.

A miraculous moment in time is captured - the light shines on dog, "Hero."

In November, 2011, a reporter for ABC News was doing an interview about a fallen soldier in New Hampshire when she captured footage of the dog under an intense, incredible beam of light from the heavens. Reporter, Kimberly Launier, was in the backyard gathering together footage and information for a news story that aired on 20/20 about Justin Rollins and the puppy he saved while in Iraq. The dog and Justin became best friends.

Kimberly was with the soldier's parents, Skip and Rhonda, when the inconceivable happened: They witnessed a beam of light form, getting stronger and more intense as the puppy, now an adult dog named, Hero, "mugged" it up for the camera. Hero, who now lives with Justin's parents and gives them hope, seems to be looking at the reporter with intention, as if to say, "Do you see who is here with us?" The light, then, vanished as quickly as it appeared.

Is this picture evidence of an angel presence, possibly the fallen soldier watching over his dog and making himself known? You decide...