Angel Holding a Baby?

Ellia wrote us wanting to share her striking angel picture and story of hope. Is this an angel - is it a protector of the young mother's infant?

"A couple of days before my son was born, I took a random picture (photograph). I noticed, when I looked closer (at the photo), that it actually looks like an angel with wings, holding what appears to be a little baby in its arms?!

My (ultrasound) scan image looks like that little baby; and when my baby was born, I swear it was him. I think the angel was keeping my baby safe and preparing him for this world until he was in my arms. I had a very difficult pregnancy and was told by health professionals that there was a chance he might not have made it."


The angel image is clearly there, but we also see two men observing from behind the angelic being. It reminds us of renaissance-style oil paintings of Christian themes that depict images of Christ, angels, etc.

More Details About the Angel Picture

"It was a mirror reflection image. In the background is my table and chairs and back door to the garden. There wasn't any smears on my mirror as I'm always cleaning (and they wouldn't be big smears like that anyway!).

I did have a comparison image showing clearly, two seconds later, that the next picture was completely clear; but I deleted it ages ago as it freaked me out. I've just downloaded this picture of the 'angel' on my phone, yesterday, because it just seems so real!" - Ellia