Spirit "Goodbye"

Myriam saw this moving light in her iPhone's viewfinder and photographed it, believing it to be a presence with them during her daughter's birthday party. Was grandma at the party? Her angel story and photographs are below.

"My daughter Amelia was turning 3 and was totally obsessed with Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. For her birthday party we hired "Ariel"to come and sing and play games for my daughter and her friends. My daughter was in love with "Ariel" from the moment she walked in the door. At the end of the party Ariel was saying goodbye to my daughter and I was taking a picture of her giving Ariel a hug. The moment was pure love a little girl giving her princess idol a hug. That is when this "orb" appeared. I saw it happening through my iPhone. We lost my mother-in-law the year before my daughter was born and for some reason as soon as I saw this I know she was here for the birthday party."

Note: The light, apparently, was strong enough to the camera's eye that the background was darkened. Intriguing...