Baby & Angel Picture

Teri Wallgren sent us this incredible angel picture of a baby and her guardian angel - Grandma. Look closely within the spirit mist - what do you see?

"My grandmother was the queen of all queens and she passed away well before her time. I had my first and only child Jan 19th 2005. My gramma had passed in 1994. This photo...has a very clear shot of (her) spirit."

"At her mansion in Seattle, she made herself very well known for still being there - I have lots of stories on her home. I'm convinced this is her and have been since I downloaded the image after I got home from the hospital. There were three photos taken in a row of the same shot, but only this one had a little something extra. I'm certain this is my gramma at my child's side the day she was born. The photo was taken at Evergreen Hospital, January 19, 2005. My grandfather was there at the bedside and had fallen asleep. Everyone had left, and it was just us three in the room at the time I took the photos.

I have a Gateway digital camera, and I wasn't a pro at using all the set up buttons; so I had it set on auto. I would often take a few pictures of the same shot in case one didn't turn out due to blur. When I downloaded them, of course, all three were in order; but only one picture had this 'angel' or spirit in it.

She loved the babies, and I prayed hard she would always be with my daughter since she never got to meet her. I had a sense gramma was with me ever since she died; in fact, she actually saved my life one night...but that's another ghost story. I have many stories of her visiting after she died. But, this is the only captured photo of her spirit. I think its amazing, and finally, proof behind all my stories of ghosts I have seen since I was little. Non-believers are hard to convince without proof. Call it what you will, but there is no camera effects or fraud in my photo. It's real and not re-adjusted in any way."

This is a wonderful photograph of baby and guardian angel. If no one else was in the frame who looked like the person behind the little girl, and this is one of three photos of the same area, then we are left to conclude it is paranormal. We love how the spirit appears to be flowing above the infant's face, as if, inhaling the presence of a loved one.

Is this a guardian angel watching over the little baby? You decide...