Angel in Fire Picture

L. Paxton wrote us, sending us his badass angel or spirit in the fire photograph. There's no denying it: the fiery spirit face stands out.

"So you think you have a picture of an angel or two in the fire, huh? Well, I assure you, you haven't seen anything, yet, not until you see the one I took when I was around 20 years old, which was 18 years ago."

The Angel in Fire Story
"I had an angelic encounter when I was 10 years old, and I have had the company of spirits for almost 16 years, now. The picture I show you is real; it is no fake, and nothing has been edited with the photo. A friend of mine and I were just having fun with the camera one day when we decided to build a fire; we did so because we thought two rock n' roll rebels with fire all in the background would look cool. I promise you, this picture is real; and, it makes me wonder who am I to become, and what is to become of me." - L. Paxton