Ephesus Angel Icon

While at Ephesus in Turkey, this unusual icon or symbol, in the shape of an angel, was captured in photo from lens flare. Was it a divine sign to the family who photographed it?

"This photo was taken by my husband in 1998 in Turkey, at Ephesus. The photo was outside the first Christian church built there. We did not notice the angel shape above me, and the blue circle under my feet for many years; then a friend looked at our holiday photos and told us about it. I think is my guardian angel." - Maggie

"I am not a church goer, but I believe that this is the 'Angel of Ephesus.' We found it is mentioned in the Bible where it says, 'Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus, these things saith he that holds each of the seven stars and walks amidst the seven golden candle sticks.'" - Maggie

Lens Flare and the Angel

It is our opinion that this striking image of an angel shape was created by sunlight shining back into the lens, hitting either the sensor or film (depending upon the type of camera, and causing polygon shapes of colored light. This is known as 'lens flare.'

But what is unusual, to us, is the arrangement of these hexagon shapes into an angelic form - with head, wings and body...something quite unique and inspiring. Thus, we wanted to share this wonderful photo with our audience!

Ephesus was an ancient Greek city mentioned in the Bible and located in Turkey.