Disposable Camera Angel

Very interesting angel picture makes it on the news. Is it a person floating in air, an angel, or an insect? You decide.

"...a photograph of what some believe is an angel. It was on a frame of film from a dispoable camera... Taken on a football field, a man believes this angel picture is actually his son who died on his way to the same football field."

Below is the 'disposable camera angel picture' that has shocked many:

This photograph is awesome, and obviously, it has inspired quite a few people. It looks like the floating figure has only four limbs, but it is possible that there could be more legs hidden if it were an insect in flight directly in front of the camera lens. It would also make it appear larger and glowing in a white-golden color from the sunlight that is coming from behind the photographer on his or her right side.

Is it an insect or an angel who appeared in front of the disposable camera? You decide for yourself.