Promise Keepers Angel

What is believed to be an angel might have appeared, on stage, at a Promise Keepers event. A Baptist minister, Miles McPherson, is said to have used his iPad to photograph the the men leading the PK worship when the light-imbued form was captured. In disbelief, the pastor took another photo, and again, the angelic light appeared beside the men.

The pic was taken in Cedar Falls, Iowa in July, 2013 during a Promise Keepers song of worship. Eventually, it was posted to the Promise Keepers Facebook page after being immediately shared with the organization by Mr. McPherson.

Started back in 1990, Promise Keepers brings Christian men from all denominations together to fellowship, praise and pray together. The idea is to bring unity among the men, making them better leaders of their families, at their workplaces and churches, and within their communities.

A Promise Keepers event, if you can imagine, may pack a football stadium -- thousands of men coming together to listen to inspiring messages, sing songs of praise, and pray together in unison to bring change to themselves and others.

Publisher's Thoughts
The power of bringing so many people together and uniting them in forgiveness, joy, peace and love cannot be underestimated. Having attended several of these events back in the nineties, we collectively experienced a tangible presence.

To us, it would not be surprising that this PK idea of "one spirit" brings with it people from the unseen, spirit realm who interact with those of us here on Earth. Consequently, enlightened spirits are there, we feel, and they may be guides, family members, angels, etc. Unity is powerful and healing.