Wedding Bouquet Cherub Face

Dr. Melvyn Willin often shares this angel photo with audiences of his speaking engagements, something he does without initial comments to see what the participants might notice. Most see the sweet, feminine face peering back at them from within the floral bouquet!

Taken in the 1960s, this bridesmaid might never have noticed the interesting human form in her flowers right away.

The face is somewhat reminiscent of cherub renderings from Christian art.


Is this an angel? A cherub? A spirit?

Perhaps, but the facial features also could be created for our eyes by the delicate petals of the flowers. In other words, the shapes made by the light and shadows could resemble something familiar to us. This phenomenon is called "pareidolia."

The photo originally was sent to Cyril Permutt by the aunt of the girl in the photograph (the aunt having had some concerns) according to Dr. (and paranormal researcher) Willin in his book, Ghosts Caught on Film.

Ghosts Caught on Film, pp. 54-55
by Dr. Melvyn Willin and published by David and Charles