Angel at Messiah Fest

The power in spiritual praise and worship creates a heavy presence that can be felt by those who participate. Could this photo that was taken during such an event reveal an angelic spirit laying hands on a person asking for prayer? This incredible photo was provided by Messiah Fest.

"This photo was taken during the very first band. The event started at 1:00pm, World Outreach Ministries (the band in the background) took the stage at 1:17pm. According to our video footage, this photograph was taken by Meagan Anderson (from Boot Camp Ministries Media Dept) at approximately 1:38pm -- 38 minutes into the event.

Upon extensive review of video footage, pictures, and time stamps, we determined that the woman in this picture, standing up front by the stage, was Jane Uhrig. Jane had been in her seat praising God with a tambourine. She then picked up the Israeli flag and walked the aisles, waving it before coming up front to continue praising God, still with flag in hand.

What was initially thought to be an angel swooping down has been ruled out as we now know this to be the Israeli flag Jane was worshipping with. But, to the left of Jane's head looks to possibly be an angel looking directly at Mrs. Uhrig. Zooming in clearly shows the angel's hand on Jane's shoulder, an arm, part of a sash, jaw line and some facial features."

"When the picture is reviewed in an inverted format, it can be seen even more clearly. No one saw the angel at the time the picture was taken, and no one was standing near Mrs. Uhrig while she was waving the flag. It was only caught on camera. However, there were two other people who did report seeing an angel at different times during the same day. As amazing as this picture is, we cannot lose focus on the reality that this is all about Messiah and His Glory! In regards to the person's testimony of seeing her children in Heaven, we of course believe her; however, that had to have taken place at a different time of day as she was not in the building at this time but outside tending to her booth in the court yard."