Octagon Hall: Spirit of Little Mary?

A spirit photo of "Little Mary" at Octagon Hall, Kentucky hangs on the wall in the museum (said to be haunted). Is it an angel, clean spirit, or ghost?

Octagon Hall is known for its ghost hunts and stories of haunting. Constructed in 1847, it was constructed as a plantation home, unique as it has eight sides. Built right before the start of the Civil War, Octagon Hall saw visits by both the Confederate and Union armies.

This 'angel photo' hangs in the room of Mary Elizabeth Caldwell's room. It was taken above her bed.

Mary sadly died from burns after her dress caught fire from a downstairs kitchen fireplace ember after stoking it with her playmate.

Today, people believe she haunts Octagon Hall, having never left, as witnesses report hearing a child talking, singing and, perhaps, playing. Objects within the historic home are said to sometimes move.

The angel photo is said to have been taken (by Mark and Leslie --?) when it was still dark but early in the morning. New dolls placed on the bed as trigger objects are thought to possibly have brought forth the spirit of the little girl, Mary.