Tree Mist - Angel?

A swirling, inexplicable mist in a tree makes her believe it might be an angel.

"I took this photo several years ago because lightning had struck it (a tree) badly. The tree was estimated to be about 200 years old. It was split from the base up. I did not notice the angel until I had the photos developed. I strongly felt the angel was protecting me from the tree in case it fell. I did have a professional take the tree down." - Kimberly

"I am a believer... I do have visions from time to time (warnings). I have seen the shadow people, but once saw the dark hooded one and I never want to see that one again. Anyway, just zoom into the photo and see what you think. I see a face, do you?" - Kimberly


We like this photo because the mist consists of solid, white vapor trails. It is not from smoke or caused by dust. Is it an angel or spirit? You decide...