Faces in the Sky

Recently, we were e-mailed these two photographs taken of clouds during either a sunset or sunrise (we should have asked). Many times, we see things in the natural environment that appear to be spirits. Within the sky photos, faces seem to jump out to the beholder. Check them out (we have more thoughts, below, too).

"This was a cloud formation photo taken in France this year. To me there are definitely some forms of apparitions. What do you think?" - Ray

Now, we are not going to claim these faces are spirits because they would most likely be considered the product of our eye and brain working in partnership for familiar sights (we naturally try to identify with our environment, subconsciously looking for human attributes within inanimate objects), something coined 'pareidolia.'

Let's Get Physical? No. Let's Get Spiritual!
Even though we have explained, scientifically, why people see faces in skies, we might also consider something else possibly happening here.

What if the awesome sights, like these faces that inspire us, are occasionally used by spirits to gain our attention? Even though what we see may be inanimate, does that always mean that they cannot be used for higher purposes? Might such visions be used to produce faith in something greater, inspiring us to recognize our own connection with others or one great Spirit, etc.?  Perhaps, messages from the spirit world are often communicated to us from the world we see around us. And if so, then maybe, these 'signs' truly point to something bigger, others in spirit, watching over us.