My Guardian Angel

Is this shadowed form behind Shonda a relative who is watching over like a guardian angel? We have to ask the question...

"I always see a shadow that passes by my door. But when I go look to see what it was, nothing is there. One day I was just taking pictures by my door and a shadow was in my picture. So I thought maybe my finger was in the way. I took another picture and put my finger where the shadow was and it definitely wasn't my finger. I believe there is an angel guarding my house."

If you look at the dark shadow to the right, it completely blocks out Shonda in this photograph. We can tell that this was not caused by a finger over the flash unit, otherwise, it would not totally block everything behind it out. However, we cannot rule out a finger close to the camera lens as the shape could be considered "finger-like." That said, we love that Shonda experimented to try and reproduce the same result without any success and has experienced a moving shadow in the home. That makes her submission more compelling to us. 

Is it a finger or her guardian angel? We are leaning toward it being a relative who loves her and is watching over her - a true guardian angel.