Angel Whisper?

Photo of granny may show the 'angel whisper' she had told others happened to her frequently over the years.

"My grandmother would tell us stories of angels, etc. and say they were true. She claimed an angel was always whispering in her ear, and Jesus was always with her. This photo was taken just before she died and wasn't developed for months. To our surprise, there was the angel whispering in her ear. Check out the angel's foot, ankle, and toes, the arch in the man's back standing behind her, etc." - Tony


"...smoking wasn't allowed. She lived alone. She lived to be 93. She would go down in the cellar and fast for days with her Bible. It went everywhere she went. She would tell us all our lives, from a child, her interactions with angels; and these stories of adventure and Satan chasing her and her friend.

I only met her once...she was older, and she would say these tales were true, how an angel talks with her and whispers in her ear. (In another tale), the date World War II would end was written in a spider's web on her back porch months in advance of the day. If you look closely...the foot of the angel's toes and ankle looks as though you were looking at an x-ray."