Family Angel Picture

Suzy sent us what we call a picture of their family angel. It was taken in Worcester, Massachusetts:

"(The photo was) taken after my father's funeral. Near my son's middle finger, on the door, there is a face about the diameter of a nickel, not to mention the rainbow orbs filling the car."

Look closely and you may be able to see the face. It must have been sunny:

"...Outside the window, to right in the background, there is another image that to some has resembled an animal. If you zoom in on it, it actually looks like a small angel - one you would almost see on the top of a Christmas tree...absolutely amazing! The angel picture was taken right after the funeral, upon our return to the the funeral parlor."

We just love this angel picture. When you first examine the photograph, you'll notice the light coming back into the camera lens, creating the orb-like anomalies. Those are known as "lens flare." But within the light is the remarkable facial image of what looks like a man. That is not lens flare nor is it a reflection on glass. The door to the car is actually open, and we are looking into the back seat at the young man (and his spirit visitor) and not through car glass. [We know this for sure, because we cropped the original angel picture down to allow for a larger image of the angel (or human) face. In the original, you can clearly see the rubber of the inside door frame.]

Does this family have an angel with them? Maybe...