Strange Light Effects

Strange light effects in Mikko's photo could be the presence of mom, her guardian angel!

"A month and a half after my mother died, my daughter Matilda was restless and crying in her mother's arms on the living room sofa. Matilda's mother told me to take a couple of pictures of her to see if it would cheer her up.

I took the photos with my smartphone and I saw these strange light effects caught on my camera. On one of the photos it looks like my daughter looked straight at the light, calmed down, smiled and fell asleep after that. Was it my mother watching over us?" - Mikko

Additional Notes

"My girlfriend has also taken photos where you can see my mother's crystal lamp and there's a rocking chair underneath the lamp. When she posts the photo on facebook, it recognizes a face on the rocking chair and asks who it is.

The last time my mother visited us, she sat on the rocking chair. And our cat, who dislikes strangers, jumped on my mothers lap and purred. Strange.

The sofa where Matilda was crying is right next to the crystal lamp and chair." - Mikko