New Orleans Angel Picture

Did Ebony accidentally photograph the energy of her guardian angel? Read her story and view the photo taken at Bourbon and Canal...

"I was on Canal Street in New Orleans and tried to take a picture of a passing trolley July 19th, 2014 (when this light appeared in my photo). 

The day that I took this photo I had been to the St. Louis Cemetary No. 1 to visit the tomb of Marie Laveau. I had found a hole in her tomb (a place I won't disclose), and I slipped an earring inside. I wanted to take a wish; but since my earring has DNA on it, I figured it was better. (I did leave money and did the whole ritual including the x's and knocking.)"

"So later that night, I was drinking in front of our hotel (the Astor Hotel on the corner of Canal and Bourbon Streets) when I saw the trolley and remembered my son wanted a pic of the trolley. About an hour later, I went to sleep. When I was looking through my photos, I got upset because I thought something was in the way (of the trolley); but when I looked closer, I saw the wings and tail dress of my guardian angel."