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August 2014

me-sepia-brdrWe’re growing at Angels & Ghosts — today, you can search our site and explore thousands of pages!

In the future, we’ll be exploring and adding more of what I deem to be “fringe topics” that somehow relate to spirits. Call it “website expansion.” Stay tuned…  – Louis

peculiar family ghostsGhosts As an Inheritance?

All of us have heard of “odd” types of haunting, things that just do not make a whole lot of sense in the ghost investigation world.

This month, we are featuring an article about family ghosts from author Elliott O’Donnell who explores ghosts that are passed down, from generation to generation, within families.

Read: Peculiar Family Ghosts

paranormal experiences in the brainParanormal Experiences: In Our Brains?

We thought we might bring you a skeptical viewpoint that may explain some ghost, angel and spirit experiences.

Let’s open our minds and consider some naturally occurring processes of the human brain.

Read: Paranormal Experiences in the Brain?

the watchers: angels powersWho Are the Watchers?

In ancient manuscripts, such as the Bible, there are references to “watchers” that interact with people. Were they angels? Fallen angels or what?

This month we explore some of the ideas about these mysterious beings!

Article: The Watchers

Paranormal Pondering!

More enticing bits from Angels & Ghosts to ruminate upon!

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Thoughts about entities and ghosts…
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The Sultan’s House murders…and haunting.
Russian House Eaves Ghost Photo
How did a man’s likeness get up there?!
Headless Ghost
Decapitated man shows up in 2 pics…ghosts?
Ghostly Cat Face
Incredible feline likeness in her haunted house!
’57 Buick Ghost?
Cool story and faces…but is it a ghost?
Haunted House in Hawaii
Can paradise really have a dark side?
2014 Ghost Conventions!
New updates for upcoming paranormal events!

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Angel Picture Taken During Worship

A new angel photo has been sent to us that is pretty cool. We just received more information behind the Messiah Fest angel picture from the ministry that puts on the event.

Is this proof of the supernatural? Check the image out and make your own determination!

Vanquishing Ghosts & Demons

vanquishing-ghosts-demons-book-082014zzI recently wrote a review for a new book that shares stories about dealing with dark entities. The book is entitled, “Vanquishing Ghosts and Demons.”

Ranging from ghosts to incubii, the book shares tale after tale about what author Sandrea Mosses encountered and how she and her team worked together to rid tormented victims of the spirit abuses suffered.

I must say I enjoyed the book even though I do not believe in the demonic (I tend to think we label things as “demons” in Western culture when something has “evil” intent. Demons in our culture are primarily based upon prominent Christian religious teachings whose creation can be traced back to origins hundreds of years after Jesus).

That said, this book is an interesting read and its author is experienced. Read my book review of Vanquishing Ghosts & Demons.

Scratched by a Ghost

scratched-by-a-ghost-082014Over the years of publishing information about interactions with spirits and ghosts, we have heard about attacks from ghosts — things like being touched, pinched, pushed or scratched. And some of it has happened to us, personally, or to our friends who investigate cases of haunting.

While this subject can be frightening stuff, we feel it necessary to let people know it is not the norm. Ghost attacks do happen, but attacks from people WITH bodies also occur. If ghosts are people, and we believe they are, why would we expect behavior of human spirits to be any different than those of us who walk the Earth in bodies, seriously?

There’s an old saying: “Wherever you go, there you are.” 

We can’t run from our problems and, so it would seem, that dying does not instantly cure our mistaken thinking, latent fears, or patterned (poor) behavior. So, I guess the point I am attempting to make is that some ghosts certainly behave evilly; that makes sense to me. But most ghosts do not behave like devils.

Ghost Scratches: Say What?
Of the different ghost stories we hear about, the oddest might concern accounts of “ghost scratches” when you think about it (and we hear a lot of strange stuff). If you have not been scratched by a ghost or heard about it before, allow me to explain. The victim of a ghost scratching attack will describe first feeling a burning sensation on either their face, limbs or torso, seemingly coming from out of nowhere. Then, red marks will typically appear on the surface of the skin. (For an example of this, read about the Hanover, PA Haunting where scratching and pinching are said to be common occurrences.)

Ghost Scratches: Questions
Because paranormal scratching  is odd, I cannot help but have a hundred questions about such attacks. What would cause someone to want to scratch another (OK, let’s say to deter); and if this phenomenon is truly a ghost scratching another person, then why this method of attack? Is it easier for ghosts to pull off scratching people (because of no body) than, say, punching someone in the face? Why or how do the scratches burn? How do some ghosts learn to do this — is there a learning curve? I’ll stop there.

In my book, Helping Ghosts, we investigated several cases that involved nasty ghost behavior, and I was fortunate not to encounter an attack though we did face down some menacing spirits in our attempt to end the haunts and help the lost spirits (and homeowners). And some of our fellow investigators did experience attacks.

All of this has simply led me to believe that there is so much we do not yet understand about ghosts, why these spirits behave certain ways, and our interpretation of that behavior. The best we can do as investigators of the unknown is to keep an open mind, try not to make assumptions, and remain wise but fearless.  – Louis