Dogs, Animals and Ghosts…

September 2015

Recently, my family and I lost our dog to cancer. Needless to say, it’s been a sad month for us.

In honor of ‘Schatzie,’ we will be looking at dogs, animals and spirits.  – Louis

Are Animals with Us in Spirit?
animals-in-the-afterlife-122013zzIs there proof that our pets and animals live beyond death of the body?

Eyewitness accounts of animal ghosts seem to validate the idea that our furry friends exist in spirit.

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Can Cats Sense Spirits?
can-cats-see-ghosts-012014zzFelines have long been thought to have a deep awareness of the invisible realm.

We share our thoughts about ghosts, spirits and cats’ seeming ability to sense spirits.

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Account of a Dog Sensing Ghosts
dog-animal-ghost-story-032014zz1215Most pet owners have noticed that dogs, like cats, also seem to tune-in to things unseen.

Imagine if your home was haunted. How might Fido behave?

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Photos, stories and articles about animals and the spirit world…

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