History is Missing with Today’s Ghost Hunters

ghost-investigator-harry-price-20145Over the past ten years, I’ve observed the rise of ghost hunting on television and the paranormal craze it has stirred up. There’s been a lot of good come out of this. Recent advances in experimental “ghost hunting” technology could help us better detect ghosts or even communicate with them.

Not All Is Lost
But, there has been some not-so-good stuff appear on the scene, too, such as people wanting to become famous on TV, the faking of evidence (at least by some producers), and an ignorance toward the past. I, myself, am guilty of the latter and desire to chase down prior work done by early ghost investigators.

One such story I stumbled upon is worthy of researching: the ghost of Nelly Butler. Making her appearance over 200 years ago, the depths at which she went to confirm the existence of the human spirit after the body perishes is astounding. I say astounding because this ghost was confirmed, validated by those who investigated and tried to denounce the haunting at the time. (Read, The First Documented Ghost in the United States.)

History Is Something Ghost Investigators Need to Embrace
What I have come to realize is that we have numerous cases of studies and sightings that are important but seem forgotten because they are not modern day. I wonder if we look at some of the older witnesses and explorers of haunting as antiquated or even “loony.” If so, it is a shame, and I think we are remiss not to uncover what they wrote, what they explored. It was written for us, today. We are their future generations who they wished to communicate their stories to. It’s up to us whether or not to take their word as credible; but to do so, we need to at least consider them to be fellow researchers of the paranormal.

By studying the ideas and findings of our predecessors, I suspect we just may find that some of our beliefs are not new; and I think we will enhance our understanding of ghosts and spirits. Might we become inspired by their journeys, as well? I know I am.
– Louis 

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Louis Charles

False Ghost Pictures: Taking Pictures Through Glass

When reviewing ghost pictures, we often receive images that have been taken through glass such as a window panes, door glass, etc. This can make it more difficult to see if there is actually a ghostly apparition within the photo. Many times, people visit museums and take photos of exhibits encased in glass and are surprise to see “ghosts” appearing in the frame.

The most common type of non-ghost we see when shooting pictures through glass is usually a human form of someone who was in the room with the photographer – a mere reflection of either their body or shadow. Often, the photographer’s own reflection of a body part will be mistaken for an entity. It’s also important to know that smudges, dirt and fingerprints on glass will illuminate with light of the camera’s flash and look ethereal and see through. The issue with glass reflections, of course, is that the everything reflected is transparent – see through.

If at all possible, try not to take photographs through glass while ghost investigating. If you have to do so, then work to explain anomalies by first considering natural reflection effects. Try and account for everyone who was in the room (and especially where they were at when the photo was recorded), and do not be afraid to attempt to duplicate the effect to either validate or disprove it.

Source: False Ghost Pictures: Glass Reflection

Using Lasers for Ghost Hunting

Ghost investigators are seeing the use of a “laser grid” on paranormal television shows in order to help detect the presence of ghosts. Will it work? By all estimations, it should definitely be able to assist in detecting ghosts that move in front of a stationary video camera. That is the key: using a camcorder or camera that is mounted on a tripod. If there is no movement from the camera or laser unit, then the only way movement within a stationary set of laser green dots could happen would be if the laser pattern is interrupted by something else.

Which laser to use? Find yourself a smaller 5mW laser to cast your grid. You won’t need to spend more money for anything more powerful and a lower strength laser is safer to work around. Be sure and find one that has an optical lens on the end to diffuse the laser beam into a various array of dot patterns.

When ghost hunting with the laser grid, we recommend displaying your grid in an area where movement has been seen. Also, adjust the lighting so the dots are captured more prominently. If using an Infrared camera, you might need to back down the IR light source by either turning it off or having it reflect off of something. This way the camera can still see, and the green laser dots will be pronounced. In fact, we were able to turn off our blacklight illuminator for our full spectrum camera and just use ambient light in conjunction with the light created by the laser itself. The effect was highly visible to the camera eye.

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