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March 2013

It’s time for more updates to Angels & Ghosts. We have some very interesting pictures of ghost phenomenon, a wild angel in a fire photograph, updated Haunted section and some history of ghost sightings. Enjoy…

– Louis

Haunted History: Infamous Tales of GhostsHistory of Ghosts - Resurrection Mary
Learn about some ghostly accounts from ages ago up to the Twentieth Century. From a Biblical account to the first known story of a haunted house to The White House, you’ll enjoy learning some phantasm-ic history of ghost sightings!

Check Out Pictures of Ghost Sightings!
Corner Ghost Picture

New, for March, we’ve added pictures of ghost activity. Some of them are real; others are suspect, in our opinion. For example, the ghost photo at left is popular on many sites. But, is it real? Find out what we think and decide for yourself!

Angel or Spirit in Fire PictureAngel in Fire Picture
L. Paxton had the photo, at right, taken when he was much younger while posing in front of a bon fire. Little did he or his friend know they would photograph an incredible angel or spirit picture. You must see it to believe the Angel in Fire photograph!

Updated Haunted Section – New!
Haunting, paranormal activity has puzzled mankind for thousands of years. We are building a section of information about haunted objects and places so you can learn more. Explore haunted dolls, hotels, lighthouses, paintings and more at our Haunted section!

Ghost Hunting Equipment!
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