Angels & Ghosts News! November 2011

Levitation, Ghost Activity and More!

November 2011

Whew…new ghost stuff!

It’s been a great month of work with more stories, pictures and videos of ghosts and spirits added to Angels & Ghosts. Check out the Poltergeist Levitation Video and our Ghost Activity Story this month! The ghost photos are intriguing, too, as I brought back with me the story and 17 Hundred 90 Ghost Picture while in Savannah, Georgia.

Book updates

The Jesus Religion Revised Edition is back from the editor, and I am working on publishing it by year’s end. The Helping Ghosts Field Guide is in the works. I hope to publish it by the first quarter of 2012, and I think it will make a nice tool for people who want to solve a haunting. My hope is to cut to the chase, and walk people through communicating with ghosts in order to move them onward (with just the nuts and bolts of what to do).


Fascinatin’ Ghost Articles!

The 17 Hundred 90 Inn, Savannah, Georgia.

The following ghostly articles are interesting, informational and fun!

Historic Haunted Savannah

Learn about the Southern belle of a city, the historic squares, some haunted locations, and more!

Theatre Ghosts

Ghosts in theater can be traced back to before Shakespeare!


Ghost Pictures – Ghost Videos to Check Out!

Polaroid ghost picture…

Ghost in These Photos?

Take a look at some new ghost pictures added to our Ghost Pictures Collection page for November! (Hint: Look at the first five ghost photos.)

Ghosts in Videos?

Just in time for November, we have some pretty fun clips of ghosts to watch: Ghost Videos.


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

Please enjoy our thousands of pages of information about ghosts and spirits! Below are links to some of the main sections of the Angels & Ghosts website:

Ghost Stories

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Ghost Videos

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Angel Pictures

Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!


Ghost Store: New Ghost Box!

New Sangean ghost box…

We’ve added a new ghost box for sale at our Fringe Technology Store. We’re out of stock, but more of them are on the way!

This radio is quality and altered to sweep the AM and FM bands for enhanced EVP collection: two-way ghost and spirit communication.


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Have a great month – best wishes on your journey,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

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