What to Do if You See a Ghost | Moundsville Shadow Man Update | Digital Image Processing Error

October 2015

Halloween is a fun month for those who love the unknown. As a kid, I used to ‘come alive’ each October.

I hope you enjoy our informative ghostly topics, below!  – Louis

what-to-do-if-you-see-a-ghost-10-2015If You See a Ghost, Should You Panic?
Don’t fear…don’t fret.

We’d bet that most people will see something inexplicable at least once in their lives. So, what if it’s an encounter with a ghost? What if it is this Halloween?!

Never fear – we have just the quick tip guide for you!

What To Do If You See A Ghost

more-moundsville-shadow-man-proof-10-2015More Moundsville Shadow Man Proof…
Another photo surfaces…

We are sure you have seen the Polly Gear shadow man picture taken at the Moundsville Penitentiary.

Over the years, we have received and examined multiple Moundsville Shadow Man photos that substantiate her famous account. Here is another!

Moundsville Shadow Ghost Pic

digital-camera-image-processing-error-10-2015Ghost Hunters Take Note: Digital Image Capture Error
Is it only Apple iPhone cameras?

One advantage we have is that we are able to see lots of potentially paranormal photos from many different people using various devices.

But this same image processing error keeps surfacing, and we believe it is an Apple iPhone issue you should be aware of:

Digital Camera Image Capture Error

Halloween Fun! Ghost Photos, Stories and Articles

Rumpus Room Haunting
An Australian family’s ghost story…
Black Shadow Figure of a Man
Shade of someone who is following her?
Ghost Skeleton in TV?
We cannot explain it. Creepy, floating entity?
Insurance Adjuster Ghost Photo?
Just Halloween props in windows? You decide.
Pevensey Castle Blue Orb
An unexplained, blue ball of light…
Ghost Hiding Behind Lady?
Supposedly, no one was behind her. Hmm…
Ghosts and Small Children
Family account of haunting activity…yikes!

Dogs, Animals and Ghosts…

September 2015

Recently, my family and I lost our dog to cancer. Needless to say, it’s been a sad month for us.

In honor of ‘Schatzie,’ we will be looking at dogs, animals and spirits.  – Louis

Are Animals with Us in Spirit?
animals-in-the-afterlife-122013zzIs there proof that our pets and animals live beyond death of the body?

Eyewitness accounts of animal ghosts seem to validate the idea that our furry friends exist in spirit.

Read: Animals in the Afterlife

Can Cats Sense Spirits?
can-cats-see-ghosts-012014zzFelines have long been thought to have a deep awareness of the invisible realm.

We share our thoughts about ghosts, spirits and cats’ seeming ability to sense spirits.

Read: Can Cats See Ghosts?

Account of a Dog Sensing Ghosts
dog-animal-ghost-story-032014zz1215Most pet owners have noticed that dogs, like cats, also seem to tune-in to things unseen.

Imagine if your home was haunted. How might Fido behave?

Read: Dog Senses Ghosts Story

MORE on Animals and Ghosts
Photos, stories and articles about animals and the spirit world…

Dog Sensing Spirits
3 photos of a canine and an orb. Is it spirit proof?
Can Dogs See Ghosts?
We speculate on dogs and their eyesight.
Ghost Dog Photo
We re-share this old favorite canine spirit picture!
Dog Ghost Story
A girl sees the glowing form of her pet dog.
Animal Ghost Story
Woman sees the ghost of her deceased dog…
Animal Ghosts
Read up on the ghosts of animals.

Trigger Objects & Ghosts | Ballwin Manor Ghost | Carl Jung & Demons

Newsletter for July 2015
When people make an emotional connection with ghosts and spirits, it can bring interaction with those unseen. That is the theory behind haunting and use of ‘trigger objects.’

We also hope you’ll explore and enjoy intriguing information about Carl Jung and his belief in demons. – Louis

ballwin-manor-ghost-on-stairs-6-2015zzMAN on the STAIRS at BALLWIN MANOR?
The late Tom Halstead took this ghost photo back a few years ago using a tripod-mounted digital camera. It’s a beauty.

Thanks goes out to Missouri Ghosts for allowing us to share their evidence!

trigger-objects-ghosts-1-2015zzTRIGGERING GHOSTS to MAKE CONTACT
The association between objects that move on their own and haunting have long been reported. Why does this happen?

Can certain items be central to a haunt and emotionally-connected to ghosts?

carl-jung-on-demons-7-2015zzCARL JUNG RECOGNIZED and IDENTIFIED DEMONS
Carl Gustav Jung, the father of analytical psychology, believed in demons.

But what he identified to be the demonic blew holes in superstitious and most religious beliefs about the same.

More intriguing pages of ghosts and spirits…

Floating Birthday Cake Face
1993 birthday ‘snap’ has an odd man’s face in it!
Ephesus Angel Icon
A sign or lens flare from the biblical Greek city?
Old Newgate Prison Ghost Photo
The dark figure of a man appears in a 1988 pic.
Shreveport Mysterious Ghost Man
Unseen dancer gets freaky on the floor. Spirit?
Machu Picchu Angel Story
Inspiring account from the Andes of Peru.
Ghost Canine Photo?
We uncovered a ghostly dog pic from 1916.

Hat Man, Avatars, Spirits NOT Taboo

May 2015

Repeated sightings of a ‘hat man’ has become a common experience.

This month, we bring you a real account of this notorious shadow being. – Louis

the-hat-man-shadow-story-052015zzA Shadow Man of Substance
A nefarious ghost or something unknown?

There has been lots of conjecture about sightings of hat-wearing, human forms -living shadows of dense blackness. What are they, people wonder?

Often, witnesses feel threatened and the presence of ‘evil’ during the experience.

Read this account: The Hat Man

helping-ghosts-email-drip-sq2Understand Ghosts and End Haunting
Have a haunting? If so, do you want to stop being haunted by ghosts?

We are now offering a $4.99 PDF download of our book, ‘Helping Ghosts’.

Learn why ghosts haunt and how you can urge them to move on, bringing both the haunted and the haunter (the ghost) some much needed peace!

should-you-talk-about-your-haunted-house-3-2015Spirits and Haunting No Longer Taboo
Experiences with spirits are common.

A very long time ago people might think you were nuts if you said your home was haunted. But not anymore.

Today, more and more people are open to sharing experiences with spirit.

Read: Should You Talk About YOUR Haunted House?

avatars-are-they-angels-5-2015zzAncient Beliefs in Avatars
Avatars and angels: related?

Most people, today, believe an avatar to be their online ‘alter-ego’ or a blue being from a James Cameron movie.

Ancient beliefs in avatars, however, could share similarities with angels.

Consider Avatars: Are They Angels?

More Photos, Stories and Articles
Compelling stories, photos and articles…

Legless Woman in Black Ghost
Freak yourself out AND try to explain this picture.
Shadow People on a Hill
Ghost pic that will not let you sleep tonight.
Apparitions of Mary
Listing of the official Catholic Marian apparitions…
Creepy Crawler Ghost
Odd anomaly looks like a babe.
Lavardin Upside Down Church Spirit
Inexplicable spirit-like form appears in photo…
Hanging Tree Ghost Picture
White figure shot at Cromwell Church…
Ghost Photo of Nanna
Boy could see granny when adults could not.
Lights and Shadow People
What is the significance? Tell us if you’ve seen this!
Schneider Poltergeist Still
Old film from a haunt shows a swinging light.
What Is Spirituality?
Thoughts to consider about who you are…

Angels of Mons, Ghosts of Folklore, Spirits, Mass & Energy

April 2015

The Mons Warriors of World War I
Did angelic warriors aid Allied troups?

angel of mons story
Did angels help Allied Troups during World War I?

Reports from soldiers on both sides of the lines at the Battle of Mons in Belgium claimed to see visions of a heavenly horseman accompanied with an army of angels. Did divine help really happen during World War I?

Read the Angels of Mons Story

Over 100 Ghosts Found in Folklore

ghosts in myth, lore and folklore
Ghosts are found the world over in many cultures. Here are some notorious specters.

Ghosts are found in numerous cultures.

We’ve done some digging into all sorts of myth and lore to put together a list of legendary ghosts and spirits dispersed within an array of differing cultures.

Maybe you’ve heard of some of these…
Types of Ghosts in Folklore

Ghosts, Spirits, Mass and Energy
What is the soul made of?

ghosts, energy, spirits
Perhaps, science has just not caught up to ghosts and spirits, yet.

Could ghosts and spirits be made up of a yet-to-be discovered energy?

Einstein might have been onto something other than time travel when he revealed his famous equation, E=MC2. And, just because we do not yet understand what ghosts are made of does not mean spirits couldn’t be made up of an energy beyond current, scientific detection. After all, form is energy.

Ghosts: Undiscovered Energy Theory

Now, That’s the Spirit!
(Angel, ghost and spirit stories, photos and articles…)

Haunted Australia Prison Guard Ghost
Best ghost photo you’ll see this month…
New Bell Inn Ghost Picture
Old woman behind some men in a pub.
Haunted Beck House Short Story
Local lore may hold some ghostly truth…
Human Face in Orb?
This ball of light looks like it has a man in it.
Night Hike Spirit Photo
Did someone unseen keep him from the edge?
Celestial Being Photograph?
Cool figure over a creek is a head scratcher.
Hotel Room Ghost VIDEO
Sort of a strange light appears in the clip…
You are not your thoughts. Where are you?
Baby Spirit Photo
Something floats above a baby’s head. Spirit?
Adoration Chapel Angel Photo
We don’t know how we missed this one…
Catfish Plantation Ghost Pic?
Real apparition in the Cajun restaurant or not?

Angels & Ghosts News: Haunting Help

March 2015

This month, we are focusing on helping those with haunting. Enjoy our articles, downloads and more!  – Louis

buy-digital-download-of-helping-ghosts-book-2015vHow to Resolve a Haunt

Have a haunting? Is it time to learn how to bring it to a close?
We are now offering a $4.99 PDF download of our book, ‘Helping Ghosts’.

Learn why ghosts haunt and how you can urge them to move on, bringing both the haunted and the haunter (the ghost) some much needed peace!

Angels & Ghosts ‘Theme Song’ – Free Download

angels-ghosts-theme-song-download-mp3-2015zz2We just had to do it. It’s now an MP3.

10 years ago, we had sourced a haunting melody that visitors to Angels & Ghosts could listen to – and some still ask for it.

Get the free MP3 download of the former Angels & Ghosts Theme Song.

answers-to-questions-about-ghosts-2015zz64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts

People ask us a lot of questions about ghosts. It’s either to confront their fears or to gain understanding of a haunt.

So, we’ve put together 64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts to help shed light on some of the most common queries people ask about haunting.

Some compelling stories, photos and articles…

Incorporeal Being Photograph?
You’ll have to examine this UK photo to see her.
Sachs Bridge Ghost Photo
Spirit Stalkers of Ohio’ classic pic has Social Media buzz.
Harry Price Lab and Library Clip
Vintage video of the famous ghost investigator…
White Sheet Ghost Picture
Odd, sheet-like whisp of spirit. Is it a ghost?
Yanchep Perth Fire Angel
Cool form in a hot place. Spirit or coincidence?
Signs a House May Be Haunted
Crawling Shadow Form
Real ghost story of a ghost kid…
Inspirational Cloud Angel Form
Faces can be all around us if want to see them.
Can Dogs See Ghosts?
Our canine friends may be very aware.

February 2015 Angels & Ghosts Newsletter

February 2015

why-not-more-ghosts-1-2015xxIf we consider how many people have lived on earth (estimated at 107 billion), it’s fair to wonder why there are not more ghost sightings.

This month, we’ll attempt to answer this question, plus share some great stories and photos. – Louis

Where Are All the Ghosts?
Cynics of the supernatural will often ask, “Why are we not seeing more ghosts out there if so many people have lived?” Great question but allow us to offer some conjecture on the subject. Read: Why Are There Not More Ghosts?

man-in-the-wall-1-2015xxShadow Person Experiences
This is a true ghost story of a young boy haunted in his bedroom by a man that looked like ‘a lot of bees.’

Naturally, the lad was afraid to go to sleep by himself (and who could blame him). Read His Real: Shadow Person Experiences

More Pictures and Stories…
Black Cat Ghost Story
Aussie family lives with a real spirit kitty…
Bowing Ghost Child?
Mysterious Christmas child visitor in photos…
Whispering Angel?
Grandma always said she had an angel…
Stuart Casserley’s Brother?
Could this bright light be his brother’s spirit?
Ghost Essence Photograph
Crazy, must-see anomaly in the face of a child…
Angel in Heaven: Angie
Did this mom receive a sign from her daughter?
Little Girl Spirit Photo?
Family believes the spirit of a girl is with them.
Angel Fighting a Fire Picture
Striking angelic figure is seen in the smoke…
White Cloak Ghost Picture
Could something be hiding in her closet?
Fade to Black Near Death Experience
Short account of dying and what the man saw.

January 2015 Updates – Ghost Conferences, Psychic Predictions

ghosts-parallel-worlds-theory-2015-tttHappy 2015!

It’s a new year, and we are excited to see what it may hold in the way of ghosts, spirits and angels!

We plan on exploring more theories and past research this year while also searching for and considering experiments within the paranormal field. We will also continue to bring you compelling evidence of our spirited world. Stay tuned…

We’ve recently made updates to popular information sections of the Angels & Ghosts website.

  • Dates and times for ghost conferences in 2015 have been updated so you can find events near you to attend.
  • Predictions from psychics for 2015 have been listed for your enjoyment – we’ve been doing this for awhile and find it interesting to go back to previous years and see what might have come true.

New website postings for you to enjoy…articles, stories, photos and more!

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December 2014 Articles, Pics, and Stories

This month, our December 2014 newsletter shared some interesting content for you to check out (see below)…

More Spirit Angels & Ghosts ReadingAll Soul’s Day Spirit Picture
Surprising mist shows up in the street…
Shadow Ghost Touch
Ghost encounter of touching a dark spectre…
Faces in the Sky Photograph
Cloud formation…people peering back at you?
Ghost Figure in Light
Young daughter snaps an eerie-looking entity…
Ghost Face Imprint
iPad cover from a haunted house…
Digital Camera Errors – Not Ghosts
Camera-created things found in our photos…
Human Belief in Ghosts
Read our review of Roger Clarke’s book, ‘Ghosts’ before entering our giveaway!
8 Classifications of Ghosts
Peter Underwood’s observation of ghost types…
Past Life Story
Boy recalls dying in Lebanon as US soldier…

Contest Coming! Mystical Experiences, Apparitions Before Death…

ghosts-roger-clarke-book-review-122014Ghost Book Contest Coming!
Free book give-away ‘contest’ coming mid-December! Watch the Angels & Ghosts homepage or (sign up and) watch for our next newsletter to see the announcement!!

(Below: November 2014 Newsletter – sorry, we’re a little late in posting.)

Apparitions Before and After Death?
You may be well aware of seeing the ghosts of the deceased but were you aware that sightings of spirits of people before they pass is a well documented phenomena?

In 1889, London’s Society for Psychical Research published the report ‘On Apparitions Occurring Soon After Death.’ We think you’ll find the summation of their work rather astounding (hundreds of cases were studied).

Study Apparitions Occurring Soon After Death

most-haunted-buildings-of-britain-102014zzThe 40 Most Haunted Places in Britain
Stories of haunting and ghosts seem to pour out of the United Kingdom. Even the modern day ghost story can be credited back to writings that hail from Britain.

So, it is no surprise that there are a lot of haunts! Explore the 40 Most Haunted Buildings in Britain

Mystical Experiences: What Are They?
We did some study into the writings of William James, someone who explored religious and spiritual phenomena. Heck, he even founded the American Society for Psychical Research.

The following article outlines the common experiences found within mysticism: Mysticism and Mystical Experiences

savannah-ghosts-112014Instrumental Transcommunication History
When people use electronics to communicate with ghosts and spirits, the practice is known as Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC).

This video about the history of ITC is really well done and should be shared: Communication with the Deceased.

Mo’ Things to See and Read!
What is the ‘Savannah Ghost Show’?
We visit the haunted city and find out…
Ghost in Fire?
Photo sent to us from Sweden is waaay cool!
Fairmount Banff Springs Ghost Picture
Silhouette of a ghost girl possibly photographed…
Butchart Gardens Angel
Angel-looking water fountain formation…
Lord Combermere Ghost Picture
Updated story concerning this famous ghost pic!
The Devil: Collective Unconsciousness?
Working article in progress…